Incoming Undergraduate Students

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Dear Incoming Student:

Welcome to the Department of Economics. We have several programs for undergraduate students: the Major Concentration; the Minor Concentration and the Honours and Joint Honours programs in Economics. These programs are designed to make your years at McGill interesting and intellectually challenging. Our advisors will help you choose which is right for you.

One of your first experiences at McGill will be registration, which is done online with Minerva (McGill's information system).

Before you register you should:

  • Attend the Arts Advising Fair for U1 incoming students on TBA
  • Review the different programs the department offers:
  • Major Concentration
    Minor Concentration
    Honours Program

  • If you have any doubts about which program is right for you, please come and see an adviser. Professors will be available for advising beginning in the last week of August. Please see our Advising Information webpage for the list of our advisors and their contact email addresses.
  • If you wish to follow the Major Concentration in Economics, you will normally take Economics 230D1 and D2 (Microeconomics) and Economics 227D1 and D2 (Statistics). There is usually no need in the first year to take more than these two year long courses in Economics although if you wish to take more, you may. Please feel free to register for these courses without seeing an adviser. If you wish to depart from this study plan in any significant way, however, please do be sure to see an adviser.
  • If you think you would like to register for the Honours Program, please do be sure to see an Honours adviser in order to be sure the program is right for you.

Whichever program you wish to take, and if you do come to see an adviser, please bring the following with you:

  • Your letter of acceptance to McGill.
  • Any transcripts for university level courses you may have taken elsewhere and want to have credited toward your McGill degree.
  • Your McGill Calendar and Timetable, both sent to you by the Admissions Office in the James Administration Building. Please check Minerva Class Schedule periodically for any changes to the timetable. There are several terminal locations available on campus for student access.
  • A list of all courses you would like to take during both terms of your first year.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you during your studies at McGill University.

Starting your studies at McGill may seem overwhelming, but there are lots of resources to help make the transition to university easier. Some of your most important resources during your first year, and throughout your degree, are your academic and faculty advisors. You should contact them whenever you have questions about course selection, program or degree requirements, or need a referral to another university office or resource.

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