Newly Admitted

Newly Admitted Students

U0 (Foundation) Program Information

If you are coming to McGill directly from high school or entering with 0-23 credits of Advanced Standing, you are a Foundation student (U0), and you must complete the 30 credit Foundation Program.

As a Foundation student, you do not have a defined set of courses that you must take. However, you should always select from courses at the 100 or 200 level (e.g. ATOC 181 or HIST 206) in subject areas that are of interest to you. In addition, this Foundation approved courses webpage outlines a wide variety of approved Foundation courses you may register for.

You must have your fall and winter course selections verified prior to the start of classes. To verify your course selection by email, send a message to edgc.advise [at] with the subject “Foundation Course Selection”. Be sure to include your student ID number, full name and your filled in checklist. To verify them virtually or in-person, you can make an appointment here.

U1 Program Information

If you are coming to McGill with enough Advanced Standing and do not have to complete the Foundation U0 year, you will begin in U1 of the BA EDGC program. We’ve planned out (almost) your entire degree at McGill, so find out which courses you need to take this Fall and this Winter, as well as what you’ll be taking later on by reviewing the program checklist and three-year overview.



A complete list of courses, course descriptions and prerequisites can be found below.

Bachelor of Arts(Education) - Major Education in Global Contexts (90 Credits)

Advising for New Students

Your Advisor can help you explore academic pathways, navigate challenges, plan your classes, and provide referrals to other campus and community resources if you need additional help.

Contacting your Advisor:

edgc.advise [at] (ensure to include your McGill ID number and full name)

Virtual Appointment on MS Teams.

In-Person advising.

For all appointments, please ensure your program checklist is ready to share!

Minor and Minor Concentrations 

Students choose among the following minor options:

* Subject to approval of the Academic Adviser, students may be granted permission to complete a second minor from the above list to fulfill the 18 credits of elective courses. 

**This minor has an application process with deadlines, you must have at least 8 courses completed to apply. 

Please email edgc.advise [at] to request that the Minor Concentration in Educational Psychology or the Minor Concentration in International Development Studies be added to your student record. The Minor in Management requires an application process to be added to your student record. Please refer to the Minor In Management for Non-Management Students information page. You should choose your minor by the end of your U1 Winter semester. Please ensure you include your student number in the subject line of any requests and inquiries to the student advisor. 

Information for Advanced Standing Students

Students who attended University prior to coming to McGill may be eligible for transfer credit. Please verify the credits already awarded to you by Admissions on your Minerva Unofficial Transcript. If you believe that you are entitled to additional credits, please review the Advanced standing guidelines and speak with your advisor. Once you have completed your course equivalencies, using the course equivalency database, please complete and send the Course Equivalency Template to your Advisor for review and approval (edgc.advise [at] The course equivalency transfer credits that have been approved by your Advisor will be added to your unofficial transcript on Minerva.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where can I find help on how to use Minerva to register for courses?

Step by step instructions and a tutorial video can be found on this website. In addition, the Internships & Student Affairs office is available to help you with registration difficulties.

When do I need to start registering for courses?

Registration for courses for newly admitted students begins in June and ends a couple weeks after classes in the semester begin. A complete list of registration start and end dates can be found here.

What is the difference between a U0 and U1 student?

“U0” or “Foundation Program Student” is the term used to define students who have been admitted without advanced standing. Generally, this refers to students who are admitted to McGill from outside Quebec. Admitted students who have completed CEGEP are considered U1 students. Refer to the section titled “Foundation Program Advising” for further information. 

If I am interested in taking French courses as electives or in my Foundation year, where do I go to take the French Placement Test?

Information about French courses and the French Placement Test can be found on the French Language Centre website.


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