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Current Students - Admitted Fall 2022

The Program Overview is a plan of study for most students in the B.A.(Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts program. It allocates space for completing all of the requirements in your degree and schedules your internship in the correct semester. Please note, students needing to complete a Foundation year will be starting in Year 0, thus, will be following a four-year study plan (see Newly Admitted tab).

A complete list of courses, course descriptions and prerequisites can be found below.

Bachelor of Arts(Education) - Major Education in Global Contexts (90 Credits)

Advising for Current Students

Your Advisor can help you explore academic pathways, navigate challenges, plan your classes, and provide referrals to other campus and community resources if you need additional help.

Contacting your Advisor:

 edgc.advise [at] (ensure to include your McGill ID number and full name)

Virtual Appointment on MS Teams.

In-Person advising.

For all appointments, please ensure your program checklist is ready to share!

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