Archived projects

An Anthropology of Bereavement: A sociocultural analysis of parental grief and mourning

Adaptation of the ‘Developing families project’

Anorexia nervosa in young female adolescents

Canadian Child Welfare Data Lab Infrastructure Support

Child Sexual Abuse in First Nations Communities

CIS 2008: First Nations Oversampling

CIS 2008: Québec Oversampling

Community Capability & Development in Nunavik: mobilizing knowledge in the transition to self government

Community partnerships for educational success: Exploring Inuit conceptualizations of parent/family involvement in secondary school in Nunavik

Community Capability and Development in Nunavik

Decline in Sexual Abuse Cases

Definition and Measurement of Asset Poverty in Canada

Ethical problems in pediatric medicine: Developing interdisciplinary knowledge and action

Ethics studies of childhood: Developing an interdisciplinary research program

Evidence-Based Management (EBM)

EngagingMothers and fathers: Challenges for social service practices with parents

Évaluation des initiatives actuelles et émergentes en pédiatrie sociale

Evaluation of the Family TIES program

Evaluation of the Risk Assessment Tool

Exploring Child Savings Accounts in Indigenous Communities

Gender and Child Welfare Network: Sustaining activities in the area of gender and clinical social work practice with families

Homelessness in Late Life: Growing old on the streets: In shelters and long-term care

La Poly-Victimization des Jeunes au Québec

Le Cercle de l’Enfant

Legislation's Influence on Judiciarization

Making Gender Visible in Child Welfare: An International Initiative

Moral experiences of children living in poverty: a focused ethnography

National Arts & Youth Demonstration Project

National Outcomes Matrix (NOM)

National Outcomes Matrix (NOM): Phase V

Observatoire sur les mauvais traitements envers les enfants

Organisation des services pour les victimes d'agression sexuelle au Québec: portrait et pistes d'action 

Outcomes Trajectories in Childen with Epilepsy

Parenting Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilities

Parenting for the Promotion of Adolescent Mental Health

Parenting Matters! The Biopsychosocial Context of Parenting Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Canada

Pauvrete et inegalite des actifs: Une perspective quebecoise et canadienne

Pediatric Life-Support Decisions by Physicians and Nurses in France and Quebec

Quality of life of adolescents with cerebral palsy: A qualitative study

Recherche sur la trajectoire des enfants des Premières Nations dans le système de la protection de la jeunesse

Rethinking social work education for Indigenous students

Strengthening Black Families Program Evaluation

Traumatic Life Events of Youth in Care

Understanding Meta Analysis: a subjective interpretation of an 'objective' analysis

Vulnerabilities of Sexual Abuse in Developing Eating Disorders

Who is welcoming the stranger? Exploring faith-based service provision to refugees in Philadelphia

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