CIS 2008: Québec Oversampling

CRCF Members in this Project: Nico Trocmé
Principal Investigator: Nico Trocmé
Co-Investigators: D. Turcotte, & S. Hélie
Funding Source: Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux
Period: 2007–2011

The Canadian Incidence Study sample is designed to derive national annual estimates only. In the 2008 cycle of the CIS, Quebec is one of the provinces which provided additional funds for oversampling to produce provincial estimates. The specific objectives of provincial oversampling are: to determine provincial estimates of the incidence of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment and exposure to domestic violence in 2008; to investigate the severity of maltreatment as measured by forms of maltreatment, duration and physical and emotional harm; to examine selected determinants of health that may be associated with maltreatment; to monitor short-term investigation outcomes including substantiation rates, placement in care, use of child welfare court and criminal prosecution, and to provide a baseline for comparison of future cycles of the incidence study or to compare 2003 and 2008 rates for those provinces that oversampled in the previous cycle(s).

16 youth centres in Quebec participated in the study with cases being randomly sampled by the client information system which prompted the youth protection worker to complete the electronic form at the conclusion of the investigation. This procedure generated a final sample of approximately 3000 investigations.

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