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The Centre conducts and disseminates research on effective programs and policies for vulnerable children and youth and their families.

Vulnerability is broadly defined to include social, family, emotional, cognitive and health related problems that place children and youth at risk of developing serious psycho-social problems and not being able to achieve their full developmental potential. These can include a range of problems such as poverty, family violence, youth violence, mental health problems and disabilities.

Programs and policies include prevention and intervention programs to support vulnerable children and their families that have been developed in a range of settings, including but not limited to child welfare, children's mental health, education, recreation, and health care.


  1. conducting research on effective prevention and intervention programs for vulnerable children and their families, including (i) research to understand risk and protective factors, (ii) efficacy and cost-effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs, (iii) analysis of administrative datasets to describe services and track outcomes, and (iv) in-depth studies to explore process and contextual factors that effect program implementation;
  2. developing partnerships between researchers, service providers and policy makers, with a specific focus on (i) promoting research in partnership with the Centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux and other local health and social service agencies, particularly organizations serving the Anglophone community, and (ii) providing a bridge between Quebec's extensive network of francophone community-university child and family research groups and other McGill, Canadian and international research groups focusing on vulnerable children and youth;
  3. providing research training for graduate and post-graduate students, as well as supporting the development of research capacity in child and family service agencies;
  4. ensuring timely dissemination of Centre-based research in a manner that is accessible and relevant to policy makers and service providers.


In accord with the university regulations for Research Centres at McGill, the following by-laws describe the governance structure for the Centre for Research on Children and Families:

CRCF By-Laws 



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