History of the Centre

Wilson Hall (Mcgill Archives)

The Centre was established in 1985 with a gift from the Alva Foundation, formerly the Southam Foundation. Originally called the 'Centre for Study of Services to Vulnerable Families', the Centre's name was later changed to 'Centre for Applied Family Studies', and its mandate expanded to include families with elderly relatives.

A New Name

As part of a strategic review process, the Centre's Management Committee, in consultation with the new Centre's director, decided in 2005 to change the Centre's name from 'Centre for Applied Family Studies' to 'Centre for Research on Children and Families' (CRCF). The name change was approved by Senate on 19th September 2007. The name change is designed to clarify the research focus of the Centre, signaling a more inter-disciplinary approach, a better delineated community profile, a clearer reflection of the original funders' intent and a more consistent match with the management team and director's interests.

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