Parenting Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilities

CRCF Members in this Project: Lucyna Lach
Principal Investigator: Lucyna M. Lach
Co-Investigators: D. Nicholas, & T. McNeill
Funding Source: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council – Research Development Initiative (SSHRC-RDI)
Period: 2008–2009

Mothers and fathers are instrumental in facilitating the growth and happiness of children and adolescents with chronic health conditions and disabilities (CHCD). In practice, there is an implicit understanding that the type and quality of parenting plays a significant role in the emotional, behavioural, social and quality of life outcomes of this vulnerable population. Although studies in general child health literature increasingly demonstrate the difference that parenting behaviors, cognitions and styles make to child health, they do little to help us to understand what constitutes parenting and what it is about the context within which parenting takes place that facilitates or hinders how effective and supportive their parenting is.


The main goal of this study is to gain a thorough understanding of the conceptual basis, empirical literature as well as the measures used to study parenting in this population. Using an internationally recognized protocol for conducting a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative research, parenting behavior, cognition and style as well as social, family and child correlates of parenting will be established. This will provide a solid basis against which to develop future research questions.

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