Community Capability & Development in Nunavik: mobilizing knowledge in the transition to self government

Principal Investigator: Nicole Ives
Co-Investigators:            V. Sinha, W. Thomson
Funding Source:              Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada
Period:                                 2009-2011

This project builds on the “Community Capacity and Development in Nunavik” (CCDiN) study, funded by SSHRC (2008-2010), by bringing together researchers, policy experts and community members to mobilize and widely discuss the knowledge gathered through CCDiN and the “Rethinking Social Work Education in First Nations and Inuit Communities” project funded by Ministère de l’Education, du Loisir et du Sport de Quebec (MELSQ; 2006-2008). Conducted in the prelude to regional governance in Nunavik (2011), the CCDiN project explored issues of key concern for the new Nunavik government: the relevance and appropriateness of existing social policies in Nunavik and the support/training needed by frontline social service workers who implement many social policies. This project's activities have extended beyond basic knowledge dissemination by engaging community members and researchers in a collaborative process of knowledge mobilization. Researchers and Advisory Community members have been working closely together to produce dissemination materials and facilitate community dialogues around issues raised in the CCDiN data. This partnership has provided critical knowledge and insight to the research team and supports the development of a core group of community members who are knowledgeable about issues of social policy and social services capacity-building.

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