Making Gender Visible in Child Welfare: An International Initiative

As the principal investigator, Linda Davies (McGill) brings together Canadian scholars Julia Krane (McGill) and Dominique Damant (Laval) with U.K. researchers Brid Featherstone (Bradford), Jonathan Scourfield (Cardiff) and Carol Ann Hooper (York) for a SSHRC International Opportunities Grant to promote the Canadian development of the Gender and Child Welfare Network. The Gender and Child Welfare Network was formed in the UK in 2003 by scholars with a commitment to examining the impact of gender on child welfare. While child welfare policy and practice is most commonly thought of as ensuring the best interests and needs of children, the scholars in this Network make visible the differential impacts of child welfare policies and practices on mothers, fathers, and their children.

A Canadian website of the Network will be developed and an international workshop at McGill University will bring together Canadian researchers to participate in the Canadian arm of the Network. Students will be incorporated into Network activities, providing them with an opportunity for international research exposure and exchange with foreign researchers. Centre's director Nico Trocmé joins as a collaborator on the project.


For more information on this project:

  • visit the SSHRC International Opportunities Fund webpage, or
  • contact linda.davies [at] (Linda Davies)


International Conversation, April 2008


Organized by CRCF Members Julia Krane and Linda Davies, the conference Why Does Gender Matter in Child Welfare? An International Conversation will be held in Wendy Patrick Room (McGill School of Social Work - Ground Floor) from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on Thursday, April 10th, 2008. Brid Featherstone, Carol-Ann Hooper (United Kingdom) and Andrea Doucet will each be presenting for one hour. For more information, please click on the conference's title above.

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