Gender and Child Welfare Network: Sustaining activities in the area of gender and clinical social work practice with families

Principal Investigator: Linda Davies
Period:                                 2009-2011
Award:                                 $ 32,532

Retraining in the use of therapeutic approaches has resulted in the offering of clinical training and research on social work practices in the area of children and families, specifically in relation to the MSW Use of Self course.  Professional development time release to attend related activities.

Remaining funds will support the initial stages of a research project undertaken in conjunction with Dr. E. Ramvi (University of Stavanger, (Norway) and Dr. L Froggett  (University of Lancashire U.K). who offer similar courses. The planned research project which will include an exploration of the methods of teaching use of self and the subsequent practice experiences of practitioners who have taken this course and the impact it has had on their professional practice.

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