Group C Technical Complementary Courses

 The following courses are approved Group C Technical Complementary (TC) options, as of August 2023.  

Students who wish to take a course outside of the published list for their Chemical Engineering degree must obtain the department’s approval before registering for the course.

Please send your request to ugrad.chemeng [at] to be reviewed. Your request must include the course outline and the Accreditation Unit (AU) breakdown of the requested course.


BMDE 501

BMDE 503

BMDE 504

BMDE 505

BMDE 508

BMDE 509

BREE 535

BREE 315

CIVE 323

CIVE 451

CIVE 519 *

CIVE 558

CIVE 584

CIVE 652

ECSE 321

ECSE 426

MECH 360

MECH 383

MECH 447

MIME 320

MIME 341

MIME 345

MIME 350

MIME 452

MIME 576

MIME 511

MIME 352

MIME 588

SEAD 515

SEAD 520




* CIVE 519 Sustainable Development Plans (part of Barbados Field Study Semester) – Students must obtain the department’s approval before registering in the course. Students are required to provide a description of the project and a confirmation from the project supervisor about the project and that the student is indeed working on the project.

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