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Sylvain Coulombe

Sylvain Coulombe, Professor

ing, BSc, MScA (Sherbrooke), PhD (McGill)

Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE)

Plasma Engineering

+1 514 398 5213 |  sylvain.coulombe [at] mcgill.ca (sylvain.coulombe(at)mcgill.ca) | Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE) Lab

Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault

Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault, Associate Professor

BSc (Montréal), PhD (Polytechnique)

Plasma Chemical Processing Lab (PCPL)

Plasma processing, surface engineering, organic coating

+1 514 398 4006 |  pierre-luc.girard-lauriault [at] mcgill.ca (pierre-luc.girard-lauriault(at)mcgill.ca) | Plasma Chemical Processing Lab - PCPL

Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne

Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II

ing., BSc, BASc (Ottawa), PhD (MIT)

Dorval Lab for Biologically-Derived Materials & Devices 

+1 514 398 4301 | noemie.dorvalcourchesne [at] mcgill.ca | Dorval Lab

Reghan J. Hill

Reghan J. Hill, Associate Professor

BEng (Auckland), PhD (Cornell)

Colloids for advanced materials, microhydrodynamic & electrokinetic phenomena

+1 514 398 6897 | reghan.hill [at] mcgill.ca (reghan.hill(at)mcgill.ca) | Reghan J. Hill Research Group

Corinne Hoesli

Corinne Hoesli, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II

ing., BSc, BASc (Ottawa), PhD (UBC)

Stem Cell Bioprocessing Laboratory (SCBL)

Bioengineering, biomaterials, stem cells, diabetes, vascular substitutes

+1 514 398 4275 | corinne.hoesli [at] mcgill.ca (corinne.hoesli(at)mcgill.ca) |Stem Cell Bioprocessing Lab

Samuel Huberman

Samuel Huberman, Assistant Professor

BSc (Waterloo), MASc (Toronto), PhD (MIT)

Huberman Laboratory

Thermal transport, Condensed matter physics, Density functional theory, Molecular dynamics

+1 514 398 4264 | samuel.huberman [at] mcgill.ca (samuel.huberman(at)mcgill.ca) | Samuel Huberman Research Group

Anne Kietzig

Anne Kietzig, Professor, Gerald Hatch Fellow, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)

ing., Dipl.Ing. (TU Berlin), PhD (UBC)

Biomimetic Surface Engineering

Surface wetting, laser material interactions, solid-liquid interactions, icing

+1 514 398 3302 | anne.kietzig [at] mcgill.ca (anne.kietzig(at)mcgill.ca) | Biomimetic Surface Engineering Lab

Jan Kopyscinski

Jan Kopyscinski, Associate Professor

PEng, Dipl.Ing. (BTU Cottbus), Dr. Sc. (ETH Zurich)

Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE)

Heterogeneous catalysis, reaction mechanism, reactor design, plasma catalysis

+1 514 398 4276 | jan.kopyscinski [at] mcgill.ca (jan.kopyscinski(at)mcgill.ca) | Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE) Lab

Richard L. Leask

Richard L. Leask, Professor, Chair - Department of Chemical Engineering and Facilities Planning

PEng, BASc, MASc (Waterloo), PhD (Toronto)

Leask Laboratory

Biomedical engineering, clinical support, medical devices, biotechnology, sustainable materials

+1 514 398 4270 | richard.leask [at] mcgill.ca | Leask Lab

Milan Maric

Milan Maric, Professor

PEng, BSc, BEng & Mgmt (McMaster), PhD (Minnesota)

Controlled radical polymerization and polymer process

+1 514 398 4272 | milan.maric [at] mcgill.ca (milan.maric(at)mcgill.ca) | Maric Lab

Christopher Moraes

Christopher Moraes, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II

BASc, PhD (Toronto), PDF (Michigan)

Cellular Microenvironment Desgin Lab (CMED)

Microengineered biomaterials, next-generation drug discovery systems

+1 514 398 4278 | Chris.Moraes [at] mcgill.ca (chris.moraes(at)mcgill.ca) | Cellular Microenvironment Design Lab

Sacha Omanovic

Sasha Omanovic, Professor and Associate Chair

PEng, Dipl.Ing., PhD (Zagreb)

Electrochemistry / Corrosion Laboratory

Electrochemical functionalization of surfaces, corrosion inhibition

+1 514 398 4273 | Sasha.Omanovic [at] mcgill.ca (sasha.omanovic(at)mcgill.ca) | Electrochemistry / Corrosion Lab

Alejandro D. Rey

Alejandro D. Rey, Distinguished James McGill Professor

BChEng (CCNY), PhD (Berkeley)

Materials Modeling Research Group (MMRG)

Structural and functional materials systems, biomaterials, modeling

+1 514 398 4196 | alejandro.rey [at] mcgill.ca (alejandro.rey(at)mcgill.ca) | Materials Modeling Research Group (MMRG)

Ali Seifitokaldani

Ali Seifitokaldani, Assistant Professor, CRC Tier II

BSc, MSc (Amirkabir University of Technology), PhD (Polytechnique Montréal)

Catalytic and Functional Materials for Green Energy

Computational Materials Science; Electrocatalysis

+1 514 398 4866 | ali.seifitokaldani [at] mcgill.ca (ali.seifitokaldani(at)mcgill.ca) | Electrocatalysis Lab

Phillip Servio

Phillip Servio, Professor and Associate Chair



Methane hydrate, hydrate applications, kinetics of crystal growth

+1 514 398 1026 | Phillip.Servio [at] mcgill.ca (phillip.servio(at)mcgill.ca) | HydrateTech Lab

Nathalie Tufenkji

Nathalie Tufenkji, Professor, CRC Tier I

ing, BEng (McGill), MSc, PhD (Yale)

Biocolloids and Surfaces Laboratory

Environmental nanotechnology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering

+1 514 398 2999 | nathalie.tufenkji [at] mcgill.ca (nathalie.tufenkji(at)mcgill.ca) | Biocolloids and Surfaces Laboratory

Viviane Yargeau

Viviane Yargeau, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Professor

ing, BChE, MScA (Sherbrooke), PhD (Sherbrooke)

Controlling Contaminants of Concern (3Cs)

Fate and impacts of contaminants in engineered systems and the environment

+1 514 398 2273 | viviane.yargeau [at] mcgill.ca (viviane.yargeau(at)mcgill.ca) | Controlling Contaminants of Concern (3CS)


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