Dimitrios Berk, Associate Professor

PEng, BSc (Bosphorus), MESc (W.Ont.), PhD (Calgary)

Plasma Processing Laboratory (PPL)

Catalytic and non-catalytic heterogeneous reaction engineering

+1 514 398 4271 | dimitrios.berk [at] mcgill.ca (dimitrios.berk(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Sylvain Coulombe, Professor

ing, BSc, MScA (Sherbrooke), PhD (McGill)

Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE)

Plasma Engineering, Process Electrification, Engineering for the Circular Economy

+1 514 398 5213 |  sylvain.coulombe [at] mcgill.ca (sylvain.coulombe(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault, Associate Professor

BSc (Montréal), PhD (Polytechnique)

Plasma Chemical Processing Lab (PCPL)

Plasma processing, surface engineering, organic coating

+1 514 398 4006 |  pierre-luc.girard-lauriault [at] mcgill.ca (pierre-luc.girard-lauriault(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne, Assistant Professor, CRC Tier II

ing., BSc, BASc (Ottawa), PhD (MIT)

Dorval Lab for Biologically-Derived Materials & Devices 

+1 514 398 4301 | noemie.dorvalcourchesne [at] mcgill.ca | website

Reghan J. Hill, Associate Professor

BEng (Auckland), PhD (Cornell)

Colloids for advanced materials, microhydrodynamic & electrokinetic phenomena

+1 514 398 6897 | reghan.hill [at] mcgill.ca (reghan.hill(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Corinne Hoesli, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II

ing., BSc, BASc (Ottawa), PhD (UBC)

Steam Cell Bioprocessing Laboratory (SCBL)

Bioengineering, biomaterials, stem cells, diabetes, vascular substitutes

+1 514 398 4275 | corinne.hoesli [at] mcgill.ca (corinne.hoesli(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Samuel Huberman, Assistant Professor

BSc (Waterloo), MASc (Toronto), PhD (MIT)

Huberman Laboratory

Thermal transport, Condensed matter physics, Density functional theory, Molecular dynamics

+1 514 398 4264 | samuel.huberman [at] mcgill.ca (samuel.huberman(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Anne Kietzig, Associate Professor, Gerald Hatch Fellow

ing., Dipl.Ing. (TU Berlin), PhD (UBC)

Biomimetic Surface Engineering

Surface wetting, laser material interactions, solid-liquid interactions, icing

+1 514 398 3302 | anne.kietzig [at] mcgill.ca (anne.kietzig(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Jan Kopyscinski, Associate Professor

PEng, Dipl.Ing. (BTU Cottbus), Dr. Sc. (ETH Zurich)

Catalytic & Plasma Process Engineering (CPPE)

Heterogeneous catalysis, reaction mechanism, reactor design, plasma catalysis

+1 514 398 4276 | jan.kopyscinski [at] mcgill.ca (jan.kopyscinski(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Richard L. Leask, Professor and Associate Chair

PEng, BASc, MASc (Waterloo), PhD (Toronto)

Leask Laboratory

Biomedical engineering, clinical support, medical devices, biotechnology, sustainable materials

+1 514 398 4270 | richard.leask [at] mcgill.ca (richard.leask(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Milan Maric, Professor

PEng, BSc, BEng & Mgmt (McMaster), PhD (Minnesota)

Controlled radical polymerization and polymer process

+1 514 398 4272 | milan.maric [at] mcgill.ca (milan.maric(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Christopher Moraes, Associate Professor, CRC Tier II

BASc, PhD (Toronto), PDF (Michigan)

Cellular Microenvironment Desgin Lab (CMED)

Microengineered biomaterials, next-generation drug discovery systems

+1 514 398 4278 | Chris.Moraes [at] mcgill.ca (chris.moraes(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Sasha Omanovic, Professor and Associate Chair

PEng, Dipl.Ing., PhD (Zagreb)

Electrochemistry / Corrosion Laboratory

Electrochemical functionalization of surfaces, corrosion inhibition

+1 514 398 4273 | Sasha.Omanovic [at] mcgill.ca (sasha.omanovic(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Alejandro D. Rey, James McGill Professor

BChEng (CCNY), PhD (Berkeley)

Materials Modeling Research Group (MMRG)

Structural and functional materials systems, biomaterials, modeling

+1 514 398 4196 | alejandro.rey [at] mcgill.ca (alejandro.rey(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Ali Seifitokaldani, Assistant Professor, CRC Tier II

BSc, MSc (Amirkabir University of Technology), PhD (Polytechnique Montréal)

Catalytic and Functional Materials for Green Energy

Computational Materials Science; Electrocatalysis

+1 514 398 4866 | ali.seifitokaldani [at] mcgill.ca (ali.seifitokaldani(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Phillip Servio, Professor and Associate Chair



Methane hydrate, hydrate applications, kinetics of crystal growth

+1 514 398 1026 | Phillip.Servio [at] mcgill.ca (phillip.servio(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Nathalie Tufenkji, Professor, CRC Tier I

ing, BEng (McGill), MSc, PhD (Yale)

Biocolloids and Surfaces Laboratory

Environmental nanotechnology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering

+1 514 398 2999 | nathalie.tufenkji [at] mcgill.ca (nathalie.tufenkji(at)mcgill.ca) | website

Viviane Yargeau, Chair, Professor

ing, BChE, MScA (Sherbrooke), PhD (Sherbrooke)

Controlling Contaminants of Concern (3Cs)

Fate and impacts of contaminants in engineered systems and the environment

+1 514 398 2273 | viviane.yargeau [at] mcgill.ca (viviane.yargeau(at)mcgill.ca) | website


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