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Professor Daniel Weinstock was awarded the Charles Taylor Prize for Excellence in Policy Research at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit 2017, which took place in Ottawa April 5-7.

Published on: 19 Apr 2017

The HCALM (Health Care Access for Linguistic Minorities) Network now invites submissions for its 2017 annual conference on the topic of ‘language and health – ethical and policy issues’. The deadline for submissions is April 9, 2017.

Published on: 17 Mar 2017

The HCALM (Health Care Access for Linguistic Minorities) Network is launching a call for proposals for research projects whose focus is to investigate the relationship between language and access to health care or social services. Application deadline: April 9, 2017.

Published on: 17 Mar 2017

IHSP Faculty member Antonia Maioni has been named Associate Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) at McGill. She will have the mandate to advance research excellence at McGill, notably in the humanities and social sciences. Congratulations Antonia!

Learn more here.

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Published on: 7 Aug 2015

Maternal and Child Health Equity (MACHEquity) Principal Investigator and IHSP Faculty member Arijit Nandi, MACHEquity Project Manager Gonzalo Moreno and past MACHEquity Doctoral Fellow Belinda Maswikwa have contributed an Op-ed in the Globe and Mail discussing how stopping child marriage, notably by closing existing legal loopholes, can empower women and improve their health and social well-being, which are

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Published on: 3 Aug 2015

The latest edition of McGill's student-run Global Health Journal, The Prognosis is out! Among the topics covered: culture and mental health in Japan, healthcare access for refugees, and the impact of dietary changes in Inuit communities. Find out more here.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

By describing a novel way to quantify urban sprawl, Dr. Barrington-Leigh’s recent study has gathered media attention as it offers a new perspective on urban development and provide further opportunities for research on the topic and the social and environmental impacts of different urban forms.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

In May, graduate students had the opportunity take on an important current policy challenge, develop a concrete proposal for policy change, and present it to prominent policy and media leaders. Learn more about their proposals here.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

Inside the Spring 2015 Issue: Bill 10/Bill 20, physician-assisted dying, recent research, IHSP in the media, upcoming events, student and alumni interviews

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

IHSP Director Daniel Weinstock (Faculty of Law) writes about both the Supreme Court of Canada's and the National Assembly of Quebec's recent decisions on physician-assisted dying.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

Professor Antonia Maioni (IHSP Faculty Member, Department of Poltical Science) writes about the public and professional backlash against Bill 10 and Bill 20. The Bills are intended to streamline the Quebec health care system and improve access to health care. However, they have already proven to be very controversial.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

Dr. Frank Elgar's study on on the impact of socioeconomic inequalities on adolescent health is featured in the latest issue of Scientific American. Published April 14, 2015

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

The Healthier Societies Initiative (HSI) has recently received funding from CIHR for a two-year project on Quebec’s childcare policies! The research program will be led by Professors Daniel Weinstock (IHSP Director) and Seungmi Yang (Assistant Professor in McGill’s Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health). Learn more here.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

MACHEquity’s research and data are featured in the Clinton and Gates Foundations’ Full Participation Report to assess evidence on the gains and gaps in progress for women and girls worldwide. Over the past year, MACHEquity researchers have looked at the evolution of paid maternal leave across the globe. See what they have found on page 30 of the report.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015

The IHSP "Common Threads through the Commonwealth" project is one of two McGill initiatives that have received $500,000 grants from the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships program. This project, led by Professor Antonia Maioni, will allow students from all over the Commonwealth to explore novel ways to addressing local, national and global challenges to health, well-being and equity.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2015