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The Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) Internship Program

What is the focus of the program?

Training the next generation of leaders to catalyze solutions that benefit population health and welfare through research and diverse learning opportunities that focus on how social conditions affect health and well-being.

Who is it for?

  • McGill undergraduate and graduate students.

What do students do?

  • They are paired with IHSP faculty and staff, and spend 10-15 hours per week on a project defined by their supervisor
  • Students meet with their supervisor regularly
  • As a cohort, students attend training sessions for 1 to 2 hours every week

Where and when does it take place?

  • At the IHSP (Charles Meredith House).  The program runs twice per year (Fall and Winter semesters).

How much is the award?

  • $2000

How many awards are available?

  • 7-11 internship projects are offered in both the Fall and Winter terms

Program Description

The Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) Internship program trains and develops the next generation of leaders to catalyze solutions that benefit population health and welfare. The program offers research opportunities and diverse training that build on the strengths of graduate and undergraduate education at McGill University in investigating how social conditions affect health and well-being. A major component of the internship is the work carried out in collaboration with a supervisor, while a weekly seminar/workshop series exposes interns to a variety of disciplines and provides training in translating research into policy.

Through hands-on experience in a research setting, interns will participate in a vibrant academic environment, learn how to communicate research findings to the media or general public, and gain insight into different disciplinary approaches.  Students will develop their professional network by interacting with fellow interns, graduate students, faculty and staff at the IHSP.

Fall 2015 Cohort

Arianna Fisher is completing the final semester of her Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Environment and minor concentrations in International Development and Italian Studies. Her major program of study is primarily concerned with the ecological determinants of health from a social perspective, which first led her to the Institute for Health and Social Policy. This fall she will be working on a research project with the Montreal Health Equity Research Consortium, and in her spare time will continue to volunteer with various groups in the Montreal community while pursuing personal artistic endeavors. After graduation she plans to continue her studies at the graduate level in equity issues within the public health care system. 

Daria Khadir is completing the final semester of her Bachelor in Arts & Science, with a major in Cognitive Science, focused on Psychology and Philosophy, and a minor in Hispanic Studies. This fall, she will take part of the Outreach team of the IHSP to work on events, for which she is grateful. Her involvement in the IHSP follows her interest for the intersection of health, science, society and politics. Her research experience includes an investigation of the use of the new bipolar spectrum disorder diagnosis in Iran and its consequences, which relates to the issues of applying health policies designed in the Western world to non-Western societies. Through the years she has also been involved in various community and student-based movements, participating in or organizing specific events based on participatory models. She views this internship as a great opportunity to understand the dynamics of policy making, from research to practice.

Stephen Lee is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing his Bachelor of Science, with a major in Anatomy and Cell Biology. He is particularly interested in knowledge translation and seeks to better understand how quality healthcare services can be made more accessible to marginalized populations. In the past, he has been involved in research at McGill University as well as through a summer research program. This coming fall, Stephen will be working with the Healthier Societies Initiative (HSI) and Maternal and Child Health Equity Research Program (MACHEquity) teams to aid in advancing their outreach efforts. He is thrilled to be engaged with such fascinating research initiatives and hopes to contribute at least as much as he is sure to take from this fantastic learning opportunity.

Karen Lam is completing the final semester of her Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in Economics and Political Science and a minor in Canadian Studies. Her intern work in local communities in countries such as India and Namibia has fuelled an interest in social and health policy as well as economic development. During her internship at the IHSP, she will be working under the supervision of Dr. Frank Elgar on the Measuring Health Inequality in Children and Youth project. After graduating this winter, Karen plans to pursue a Master’s degree in social policy and development. 

Michal Lipsitz is an undergraduate student in her final year at McGill, completing a Joint Honours degree in Economics and Finance. Her interests are mainly in macroeconomic policy, international economics and economic development. She has previously worked as a research assistant at the Economic Policy Research Institute in Cape Town, where she was involved in various government-commissioned social policy projects in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Michal is involved on campus as Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Journal of Economics and as an active member of the Model United Nations circuit.

Ava Liu is entering her last year at McGill University. She is studying Honours Political Science with a double minor in Philosophy and International Development. She will be interning at the IHSP to write policy briefs as part of the outreach team. The internship will provide an opportunity for her to broaden her interests in social policy. She is particularly interested in the theoretical foundations and implications of public policy. In the past, she has interned in Vietnam and Panama with organizations working on sustainable development, a field that she hopes to explore further upon her graduation from McGill. 

Kathleen Tully is completing a Bachelors of Arts in Joint Honours International Development Studies and Political Science. Her research interests include how healthcare aid and funding is distributed to different genders in both developing and developed areas. On campus, Kathleen is involved as a news editor for the campus magazine, The Bull and Bear. Previously, Kathleen worked as an Editorial Assistant for the Aspen Institute, where she assisted with the production of printed materials and speaker logistics for the Aspen Ideas Festival. Kathleen is excited to be working as an outreach intern for the IHSP this semester.

Jennifer Yoon is a third-year undergraduate student at McGill, double majoring in Political Science and History. She has a particular interest in how the social and the political intersect to transform the human experience. Accordingly, she is excited to work with the IHSP in exploring the ways by which a healthier population can create a healthier society. Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, Jennifer will be serving as Editor-in-Chief for The Prognosis, McGill's student journal of global health, supported by the IHSP and Global Health Programs. In her spare time, Jennifer works as the opinion editor at the Bull & Bear, the only student-run magazine at McGill, tackling a variety of issues from radical feminism to voter suppression. 

Max Zworth is a U2 student in the Arts and Science Interfaculty Environment program, with a minor concentration in World Religions. His interests include social determinants of health, disparities in healthcare pertaining to First Nations communities, and the intersection of medicine and geography. He is particularly interested in the impact of environmental change on human health, and how social policy can adapt to meet those new demands.

For inquiries regarding the internship program, please contact the Student Affairs Administrator by studentaffairs [dot] ihsp [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email).