Empowering Women with an Innovative Approach

Published: 26 May 2017

ISID-led GrOW Research Series to provide policy briefs for the empowerment of women

Researchers on development, particularly those focused on women in the Global South, have always struggled to find effective ways of turning their findings into practical, innovative solutions with far-reaching effects. Having to consider the geographic, spatial, and temporal relevance and lifespan of their work already sets the standards high, before issues of ethics, sustainability, and accuracy come into the picture.

The Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women Program (GrOW) is an academic research-oriented initiative that places much-needed emphasis on the before and after of the research process. With 14 projects in 50 countries, the program, which was launched in 2013, aims to provide governments with access to clear and compelling evidence of the needs of poor and vulnerable women, in regions where this information is missing or incomplete.

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