Meeting the climate crisis with resilience and collaborative action

Published: 14 July 2022

McGill undergraduates have a unique opportunity to expand their climate science literacy and acquire tools for taking action to reduce the impacts of the unfolding climate crisis.

Registration is now open to students in every program for FSCI 198: Climate Crisis and Climate Actions, a new undergraduate course featuring a team of multi-disciplinary instructors who will present diverse perspectives on the scientific and social dimensions of climate change.

Lecture and tutorial activities focus on active learning, personal reflection, Indigenous knowledge, and building hope and resilience through collaborative action.

Instructors: Julia Freeman (Bieler School of Environment), Natalya Gomez (Earth and Planetary Sciences), Chris Ragan (Max Bell School of Public Policy), Jennifer Sunday (Biology), Diane Dechief (Office of Science Education)

Questions: diane.dechief [at]

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