Salary and Negotiation

Getting the best pay for your skills is an important issue for any job seeker. There are many aspects to proper salary negotiation during the job search process. Some basic tips are:

  • Be realistic in terms of pay, benefits, and perks for the type of job you apply for.
  • Know your market value - see where you fit in the range of experience, skills & value.
  • Determine your lowest acceptable salary range before the negotiation.

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Salary Comparison

The following websites allow you to find the average salary of an occupation:

Student Rates

If you are looking for pay rates for student jobs, consult the following websites:

Salary Negotiation

To learn more about salary negotiation, consult the following articles.

Recommended Books

The following books offer strategies and tips on negotiation.  The books are available at CaPS.

  • Salary tutor: Learn the salary negotiation secrets no one ever taught you
  • How to negotiate your first job: 8 steps that will create value for your and your new employer
  • Get paid what you're worth: The expert negotiator's guide to salary and compensation
  • The only negotiating guide you'll ever need: 101 ways to win every time in any situation
  • Ask for it: How women can use the power of negotiation to get what they really want