Non-Profit & International Development

Careers in non-profit encompasses a large range of professions. Possible work areas include:

  • Programs and service delivery
  • Event and program coordination
  • Communications assistance
  • Finance and operations management
  • Community and social work
  • Educational counselling
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Information systems management
  • Grant writing and fundraising
  • International development

Typical Employers

Typical employers can be categorized into these areas:

  • Non-governmental organization (NGO).  A non-governmental organization (NGO) may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses or private businesses.  Typical employers include but not limited to agencies in international development, advocacy, service-oriented organizations that provide services such as health and education, and think tanks that perform research such as social policy and political strategy.
  • Non-profit organization (NPO) and local communities. A non-profit organization (NPO) aims to advocate for a particular point of view or social cause.  Typical employers include but not limited to organizations in the relief of poverty, civic and environmental advocacy, international relations and development, advancement of health services, education and religion; organizations in charity purposes that bring benefits to communities, and social enterprises that create community impacts and social values.

Industry Profiles

Career Profiles

To learn more about different career options in this sector, visit the following web sites:

  • UN Career Paths (United Nations)
  • Career paths with UN. Fields: management and operations support to legal and conference management.
  • Success Stories and Expert Advice (Net Impact)
    Career profiles. Fields: Community development, education, energy and clean tech, entrepreneurship, environment, finance, health, international development, nonprofit.

Career Books & Magazines

Recommended books (available at CaPS):

Articles of Interest

Job Resources

The following links provide a list of job boards, internships and volunteering opportunities.
Note: To find internships, you can also use keywords like "internship" in some of the job boards to find opportunities.

Associations & Groups

UN Employment Scams: Be informed and beware of UN job scams.

Internship Programmes

Explore the following links for internship and volunteer opportunities.

More internship & volunteering opportunities:

Job Boards

The following sites list UN jobs.

Community Agencies

International Development, Non-Profit & NGO

  • PDF icon NGO in Montreal
    Partial list of non-governmental organizations (NGO) with offices in Montreal.


  • A-Z Charity Directory (Charity Village)
    Scroll down to see a list of A-Z Directory of nonprofit organizations in Canada. Categories: Community and social services, education, LGBT, human rights, international relief, poverty and social justice, and more.
  • A-Z Charity Listings (Chairty Intelligence Canada)
    A directory of 700 Canadian charities.


  • Organizations Worldwide (
    Over 77,000 development and non-profit organizations, searchable by areas of focus and type.
  • Worldwide NGO Directory (WANGO)
    NGO listings by region, searchable by mission, country, area of focus.
  • Devex Organizations (Devex)
    1000+ community and organizations. Searchable by type and location.
  • MyWorldAbroad (Registration with your McGill email is required)
    4,000+ resources, 250 expert articles and inspiring student stories. Visit What Do You Want To Do? -> Top Resources -> NGO for listings.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Companies that incorporate CSR policy/functions (respect for ethical values, people, communities, and the environment) into their business models.

  • Corporate Knights Reports (Corporate Knights)
    Best companies on the state of responsible business in a different sectors (energy, cleantech, etc.)
  • CSR Directory (CSRWire)
    Online resource guide listing more than 2,700 organizations working on all aspects of corporate social responsibility in more than 105 countries.
  • Social Enterprise Alliance Organization Directory (SEC)
    A database that is searchable by areas of impact, location and industry.

Think Tanks

Organizations that performs research and advocacy concerning a variety of topics, such as, social policy, political strategy, economics, military, culture, technology.

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.
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