Agriculture & Agri-Food System

Work in this sector encompasses a large range of professions. Possible work areas include:

  • Agri-business
  • Agronomy
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Food production management
  • Animal production
  • Crop research
  • Policy analysis
  • Industrial packaging
  • Pet and animal services
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Agri-tourism and eco-tourism
  • Aquaculture and commercial fishing
  • Landscape design
  • Agricultural economics
  • Farming and gardening
  • Forest production
  • Agricultural services
  • Environmental conservation
  • Education and communication
  • Agricultural consulting
  • Agricultural inspection
  • Agri-food security

Typical Employers

Typical employers can be categorized into the following core areas:

  • Agricultural Services. Organizations that establish and maintain agricultural producers and other agricultural-related entrepreneurs. Typical employers include but not limited to, government agencies, farm advisory services, consulting and appraisal firms, banking and financial organizations, grain elevator facilities, agricultural research centres, quality and testing laboratories.
  • Agribusiness. Organizations that offer expertise to help agricultural enterprises make wise business decisions. Typical employers include but not limited to, commodity brokerage firms, agri-business management firms, transportation and logistics firms, banking and mortgage institution, product/market development organizations, feed and fertilizer companies, and food processing companies, and farm real estate firms.
  • Farming. Farmers and farm laborers that produce all types of crops and livestock for commercial purposes. Typical employers include but not limited to, small and large crop farms, fruit and nut orchards, cattle ranches, dairy farms, chick farms, plant nurseries, flower farms, tree farms, and many other agricultural operations in rural, suburban, and urban settings.
  • Leading companies in the Greater Montreal: Danone Canada, Lassonde Industries, Barry Gallebaut, Kraft Canada, Labatt, Molson, Nestlé, Parmalat, Saputo, Ultima Foods.

Industry Profiles

To learn more about this sector, visit the following web sites:

Career Profiles

To learn more about different career options in this sector, visit the following web sites:

  • AG Careers
    Explore opportunities in Agriculture and food.
  • AG Explorer
    Explore career options by choosing a focus area: Agribusiness, animal, biotechnology, environmental, food products & processing, natural resources, plant, agricultural education, etc.
  • AgriPathways (CAHRC)
    Explore key on-farm occupations in the primary agriculture: Cattle, poultry and egg, swine, aquaculture, other animal, greenhouse and nursery, tree fruit and vine, field fruit and vegetables, crops, and other agriculture.
  • Agriculture Career Guide (TalentEgg)
    Everything you need to know about getting a job in Agriculture and hatching a career in Agriculture.
  • A Career in Seeds (Canadian Seed Trade Association)
    Career profiles: Research and agronomy, production and supply chain logistics, business and marketing.
  • Careers in Agriculture (BCAITC)
    Career profiles of today’s farmers – Agricultural equipment technician, research technician, sales agronomist and more.
  • Careers in Horticulture (Chartered Institute of Horticulture)
    A list of careers in the horticulture.  Categories: arts, design, business, production, health, heritage, plant science, sports, etc.
  • Science on the Farm (Science Careers)
    Career stories in: Agricultural biotechnology, agronomy, bio-systems engineering, crop research, entomology, high-tech farming, organic farming, policy and risk assessment, vaccine and disease research and more.

Career Books & Magazines

Recommended books (available at CaPS):

  • Career opportunities in the food and beverage industry
  • Career opportunities in agriculture, food and natural resources
  • Career Books (Available in the McGill Library)

Job Resources

The following links provide a list of job boards, internships and volunteering opportunities.
Note: To find internships, you can also use keywords like "internship" in some of the job boards to find opportunities.

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