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Understanding Structural Injustice: The effects of structural racism, sexism, heterosexism, and their intersections


Webinar, CA

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This substantive session invites a diverse panel of speakers to discuss structural injustices and their compounding impact when they intersect.


12:00-12:05 PM Welcome & Introductions
12:05-12:45 PM Lecture
12:45-12:55 PM Moderated Q&A
12:55-1:00 PM Closing and upcoming sessions


Circular image of featured speaker Tyson Brown


Dr. Tyson Brown is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Duke University, where he is the inaugural Presidential Fellow (2021-2022) and directs the Center on Health & Society. His program of research examines the who, when, and how questions regarding ethnoracial inequalities in health and wealth. Brown is currently working on several projects that investigate macro-level factors and psychosocial mechanisms that underlie social inequalities in health.


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Dr. Bethany Everett is an Associate Professor of Sociology and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah.



Circular image of featured speaker Arjumand Siddiqi



Dr. Patricia Homan is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and the Associate Director of the Public Health Program at Florida State University. She is also an Associate at FSU’s Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy and The Center for Demography and Population Health. Her research explores how gender, socioeconomic, and racial inequalities in American society shape the health and well-being of the population and individuals as they age.



Circular image of featured speaker Arjumand Siddiqi



Dr. Morgan Philbin is a social and behavioral scientist whose work integrates community-based and social determinants of health frameworks to examine how public policies and clinical practices shape inclusion and health equity for racial/ethnic and sexual and gender minority (SGM) young people. Her current research, a NIDA-funded K01, integrates national-level data and qualitative methods to examine how public policies affect health equity for minoritized youth and young adults with a focus on immigration, sexual health and substance use



This is the third Lunch&Learn session of the 2021-22 Training Year. The Lunch&Learn series is designed to introduce our Fellows, team members, and partners to emerging research in topics of population dynamics and population aging. These modules will cover the Four CAnD3 Population Aging Axes: (1) family and social inclusion; (2) education, labour and inequality; (3) migration and ethnicity; and (4) wellbeing and autonomy. 

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