Undergraduate Research Courses and Other Research Opportunities in Biochemistry

Research Courses

The Department offers three research courses for undergraduates, BIOC 396, BIOC 462 and BIOC 491, that allow students to carry out a research project in the laboratory of a Biochemistry Department faculty member (who may be a full or an associate member of the Department). In these courses students gain advanced practical skills in biochemical methods and in the interpretation of research findings, including use of the scientific literature. BIOC 462 and BIOC 491 are open to Honours students and (subject to availability of laboratory placements, and upon acceptance by a research supervisor) to a limited number of Majors and Liberal students as well. BIOC 396 is open to students from all Biochemistry programs and from other relevant departments, subject to acceptance into the laboratory of a research supervisor from the Department.


The undergraduate research courses in Biochemistry are excellent introductions to in-depth laboratory work, and they provide opportunities to improve career prospects:

Practical Experimental Skills: 

  • Master techniques by practice, beyond what is provided by basic lab courses – an asset for Biochemistry-related work in industry or academia.


  • Strengthen abilities in analyzing information from papers and data and in presenting findings in writing and in seminars – skills important for any career.

Introduction to the Research Community:

  • Gain an introduction to a research field and to the people who carry it out; learn from the experience of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and professors.


How to Apply:

  • Based on your interests, identify and contact potential supervisors (full or Associate members of the Department) through this link:



Details of Undergraduate Research Courses

BIOC 396: Undergraduate Research

bhushan.nagar [at] mcgill.ca (Bhushan Nagar)


·       3 credits/1 semester

·       Prerequisites: 1 semester of undergraduate study and CGPA 3.0 or higher, or supervisor permission

·       Fall, Winter or Summer semester

·       Grading: lab report and performance

PDF icon BIOC 396 - Project Description Form

BIOC 462: Honours Research

arnim.pause [at] mcgill.ca (Arnim Pause)

·       6 credits/1 semester,

·       Prerequisites: BIOC 220/320

·       Lab position guaranteed for Honours students

·       Majors and Liberal students allowed with supervisor permission

·       Fall semester; Winter or Summer on request

·       Grading: lab report, literature review and performance

BIOC 491: Independent Research

jose.theodoro [at] mcgill.ca (Jose Teodoro) 

·       6 credits/1 semester

·       Prerequisite: BIOC 462

·       Complementary Course for Honours students

·       Majors and Liberal students allowed with supervisor permission

·       Winter semester; Summer or Fall on request

·       Grading: lab report and performance



Other Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Laboratories in our department may offer paid summer research positions for undergraduate students; inquiries should be addressed to individual supervisors and should be made well in advance (e.g., at the beginning of Winter term). These summer projects are not offered for course credit if the student is remunerated. (Students may take BIOC 462 or BIOC 491 in the summer term, as noted above, but in this case they will not be remunerated for their summer research.)


Students who meet the relevant financial-need requirement may be eligible to carry out remunerated part-time research or support work through the McGill Work-Study program in the laboratory of a full or Associate member of the Department. For further information about the Work-Study program and its eligibility requirements, consult https://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/work-study.


Some laboratories in the Department may offer volunteer positions for students who wish to gain research experience but who do not wish, or are not able, to take one of our research courses; students should contact individual supervisors directly to inquire whether such positions are available.




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