Quick Overview of Our Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc. Liberal Program - 47 credits

This is the most flexible of the B.Sc. programs offered, providing students with a useful concentration in Biochemistry while allowing them to pursue a minor in another speciality or to broaden their education in the sciences.

Major Program - 64 credits

The Major program becomes more specialized in Biochemistry during the final two years, with a total of 67 science credits. This program requires skills and insight from all areas of chemistry, and from other areas such as biology, physiology, microbiology and immunology, statistics, and pharmacology.

For students aiming for a professional career in the biological sciences or in medicine, these programs can lead to post-graduate studies and research careers in hospital, university or industrial laboratories.

Honours Program - 73 credits

The Honours program in Biochemistry combines the substantial background given by the Major program with a challenging opportunity to carry out laboratory research projects in the U3 year. These courses provide students with research experience under the supervision of a professor in the Department.

Honours students intending to pursue an MSc in Biochemistry may be interested in the BSc/MSc Track, which offers a streamlined path to a graduate degree.

BSc/MSc Track (no longer being offered)

The Biochemistry BSc/MSc Track offers a direct path to a graduate degree for strong undergraduate students interested in research. The track provides an opportunity for continuous laboratory research under the same supervisor, starting in the summer after U2, throughout U3, to early enrollment in the MSc program. Completion of the MSc after one academic year will be possible, faster than the two years expected for a typical MSc.


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