Graduate Research Enhancement & Travel Award (GREAT)

Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Award (GREAT)

The Department of Biochemistry has been allocated funds for GREAT Awards, which will be divided amongst more than one applicant. The award amount per student will be determined based on the total number of applicants or by lottery if a large number of applications are received. The award is given out in March, for travel within that academic year, to assist graduate students who travel to conferences to give presentations, posters or abstracts. The award amount will be announced after all applications are submitted.

Please fill out the Application and submit the following:

  • Application
  • Abstract
  • Proof of Registration

Submit by email to christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge) as a scanned PDF:  SUBJECT: lastname_firstname_GREAT

Deadline: Beginning of January (exact deadline will be sent by email)
*Seminar attendance is taken into consideration.

2022-2023 Winners:

  • Lokha Ranjani Alagar Boopathy - lab of Maria Vera Ugalde
  • Diana Berry - lab of Ian Watson
  • Bianca Colalillo - lab of Michel Tremblay/Imed Gallouzi
  • Rima Ezzeddine - lab of Peter Siegel
  • Romina Filippelli - lab of Natasha Chang
  • Kayla Heney - lab of Ian Watson
  • Ana Maria Hincapie Restrepo - lab of Michel Tremblay
  • Ishtiaque Hossain - lab of William Pastor
  • Elias Kalthoff - lab of Martin Schmeing
  • Marine Lingrand - lab of Ian Watson
  • Anna Shen - lab of Peter Siegel
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