Série de discussions Affaires universitaires

À l’été 2020, le professeur Christopher Manfredi, provost et vice-recteur principal aux études, et son équipe ont instauré une série de discussions intitulée Affaires universitaires, où la communauté d’enseignement et de recherche de McGill est invitée à débattre d’enjeux prioritaires. Animées par des personnes de différentes disciplines et facultés, ces séances virtuelles se tiendront tous les mois pendant les trimestres d’automne 2022 et d’hiver 2023, toujours à l’heure du dîner, soit de 12 h à 13 h. Tout le monde est bienvenu!

On peut consulter le programme de la série et S’INSCRIRE à une séance ci-dessous.

Toute question doit être adressée à events.oap [at] mcgill.ca


Séances 2023-2024

Date Théme Ressources
25 mars 2024 Le deuil en milieu universitaire

Le deuil en milieu universitaire (ppt en anglais)

Guide de ressources sur le deuil

Article du McGill Reporter publié sur le sujet

26 fevrier 2024 Mesures récentes du gouvernement et leurs répercussions pour McGill  
29 janvier 2024 Politique sur l'évaluation de l'apprentissage Veuillez voir la présentation Preparing for PASL (en anglais), qui contient de nombreux liens pratiques.
18 janvier 2024 Évaluation du rendement et l’augmentation annuelle liée au rendement

Toute l’information concernant la Politique relative à la rémunération du personnel enseignant.

Document concernant le processus pour l’évaluation du rendement et augmentation liée au rendement universitaire destiné aux cadres académiques et au personnel universitaire.

18 dècembre 2023 Intermède musical - percussions et tambours du monde

EN DIRECT de la salle Tanna Schulich, 527 rue Sherbrooke O.

27 novembre 2023 Navigating Student Accommodation Requests

Politique sur l'évaluation de l'apprentissage (à partir de  l'automne 2024)

Consultez la politique actuelle - Politique de l’Université relative à l’évaluation des étudiants (en vigueur jusqu’à l’automne 2024)

Contactez deanofstudents [at] mcgill.ca (le bureau du doyen à la vie étudiante) pour plus d'information et du soutien

Information sur l'aménagement académique en matière d'observance religieuse et fêtes religieuses: McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL) ou le deanofstudents [at] mcgill.ca (bureau du doyen à la vie étudiante )

2 octobre 2023

AI in the Classroom

Groupe de travail STL sur l'IA générative (en anglais)

Lisez les recommandations du groupe de travail STL sur l'IA générative (en anglais)

Utilisation de l'IA générative dans la pédagogie et la formation (article en anglais)

Obtenez de l'aide personnalisée : Prenez une consultation avec un membre de TLS

Consultez le « Guide for Artificial Intelligence » de la bibliothèque de McGill

Inscrivez-vous pour être informé des séances "Beyond Grading"

Computational and Data Systems Initiative (CDSI)



Séances passées

Date Théme Ressources
17 avril 2023 De formidables anecdotes d’enseignement

Lisez ce blog pour en savoir plus sur la session!

Learn more about Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT)

MS Bookings support through IT Services

Teaching and learning technologies tools

Book a one-on-one consultation with TLS

TLS renovated learning spaces

About SALTISE and the SALTISE conference - free!

20 mars 2023 Supporting Students

Resources and info available via TLS

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Peer support through SSMU

Peer support through PGSS

Student Wellness Hub

Resources specific to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:

The WELL Office

In cases of harassment

13 fév 2023 From the Library with Love

Sign up to the ROOAr mailing list to find out about events and exhibitions:

Our ROAAr are open to all. Indulge your love of bindings, book arts, and beyond and visit us! We are open 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. Contact rarebooks.library [at] mcgill.ca with questions about collections or class visits, or explore the ROAAr website

16 jan 2023 Indigenous Initiatives at McGill  
9 déc 2022 Matinee Music Special - Handel  
21 nov 2022 A Day in the Life of a Dean  
17 oct 2022 New Models of Academic Delivery  
19 sept 2022 Mentorship at McGill   
25 avril 2022 New Models of Academic Delivery  
21 mars 2022 Knowledge Mobilization beyond the Academy: Community Engagement through Media  
14 fév 2022 Recruiting and Cultivating Graduate and Postdoc Research Talent and Excellent Research Teams  
24 jan 2022 Demystifying Tenure: Everything You Want to Know, and Then Some!  
13 déc 2021 Musical Delight: A Virtual Performance from Schulich School of Music Musical Delight Jazz Recording
15 nov 2021

Stereotypes vs. Reality: Intergenerational Faculty Engagement


Higher Ed's Multigenerational Work Force (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Team (Harvard Business Review)

Managing People from 5 Generations (Harvard Business Review)

Wrong Numbers: Why a focus on age can mislead workforce development (Deloitte Insights)

18 oct 2021

McGill Chairs on Netflix’s The Chair


You are encouraged to watch the 6-part series.

Here is a preview of The Chair.

27 sep 2021

"Ask Me Anything" with Provost Manfredi

17 mai 2021

Assessment for Learning: Student Perceptions



3 mai 2021


Fall 2021 Online Examination Options and Alternatives

Recorded Presentation on YouTube

Icône PDF Online Assessments

Icône PDF Assessment Q/A

19 avril 2021

Do I Belong Here? Imposter Syndrome in the Academy

Icône PDF Imposter Syndrome Session Chat Summary and Resources

15 mars 2021

Supporting PhD's for Post-Pandemic Future

Icône PDF Supporting PhDs for a Post-Pandemic Future
22 fév 2021

Fall 2021: Worries and Wants

18 jan 2021

Faculty Mentorship


14 déc 2020

Remote Teaching: What Have We Learned?



16 nov 2020


Happiness & Wellness


19 oct 2020


Faculty Check-In: How Are We Doing?

We will discuss ways that we can care for ourselves and others as well as strategies for maintaining wellness.


18 août 2020

Welcoming New Colleagues in Person, from a Distance

Provost Manfredi will lead our discussion in this final session of Faculty Matters, which will host three junior professors who will share their experiences about their first years at McGill and the strategies that are most effective for welcoming new colleagues who join our University. The discussion will focus on how we can ensure that we provide effective advice and support to incoming professors, particularly as we consider the possibility that some may begin their careers at McGill while teaching and working remotely.

View a recording of the session here.
4 août 2020

Supporting Students through and after COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis threw into even sharper relief the mental health challenges that many students experience. How can we as professors and supervisors support our students effectively through our work with them? Join two leaders from McGill’s Student Wellness Hub who will lead us in a discussion on this critical topic.

Supporting students through and after COVID-19
21 juil 2020

Equity and University Life Balance through and after COVID-19

In many ways, the COVID-19 crisis has had disproportionate effects on marginalized populations and groups that are underrepresented in postsecondary educations. What are the equity implications of COVID-19 for university members (students, staff, and faculty)? And are there opportunities to leverage this unprecedented disruption in the ways we learn, work, and collaborate to establish university processes and practices that promote equity?

7 juil 2020

Respectful and Inclusive Learning Environments

McGill’s commitment to equity is cross-cutting, guiding all aspects of our academic mission. Ensuring that our students learn in spaces characterized by openness to diverse views and by respectful and inclusive engagement is of paramount importance. How can we ensure that our classroom spaces are open, accessible, and inclusive? To what extent are these commitments challenged if students must learn virtually for the coming period? Join experts from McGill’s Equity Team who will lead a discussion on these questions.

View a recording of the session here.

Equity Team Resources

Case Study

23 juin 2020

Teaching Remotely Part 2: Success Stories

Building on the discussion from the preceding session, this discussion will showcase the work of three scholars from different Faculties and disciplines who have demonstrated true pedagogical excellence in remote delivery of courses last term. Join us in a discussion with them as they share insights and advice and drawing on their experiences teaching in varied formats and contexts.

View a recording of the session here.
16 juin 2020

Teaching Remotely Part 1: Effective Pedagogy at a Distance

Last March, the pivot to remote delivery of our courses was sudden and instructors across campus moved swiftly to transition their teaching to virtual platforms to ensure our students could continue their learning. Remote delivery of courses continues into the Summer term and it may be the case that our Fall term will require remote delivery for at least some of our courses. Join two campus leaders in the realm of teaching and learning in a discussion about the resources and strategies that McGill has put in place to support instructors through this transition so that we can maintain our commitment to quality academic programs and courses.

Session slides

View a recording of the session here.

9 juin 2020

Supporting Remote Research (Social Sciences & Humanities Disciplines)

Four colleagues from the McGill Libraries will share information about the services and resources put in place to help you keep momentum in social sciences and humanities research while working remotely. These include, among many others, training and assistance with systematic & scoping reviews and research data management for SSH scholars, training and support for your research assistants, and providing access to primary documents and literary texts licensed for study with computational methods.

Session resources from Libraries

View a recording of the session here.

2 juin 2020

Supporting Remote Research (Lab-Based and STEM Disciplines)

How can those of us working in lab-based disciplines maintain research momentum when access to our lab space is limited or impossible at this time?

Systematic Reviews, Scoping Reviews, and Other Knowledge Syntheses

Systematic and Scoping Reviews for Health Sciences

Library Workshops and Tours

26 mai 2020

Meaningful Graduate and Postdoctoral Supervision at a Distance

What strategies and best practices can be put in place to supervise and guide our graduate and postdoctoral students effectively, even while we may not be permitted to meet with or train them in person? How can we work to ensure that these students feel well supported and mentored as they work toward the completion of their programs and projects?

Session slideshow
19 mai 2020

Life as an Academic in our New Normal

What does it mean to be a “McGill Prof” during the COVID-19 crisis, especially as we work at physical distance from our students, our offices and labs, and often with considerable care responsibilities? Join us for a discussion and exchange led by three McGill colleagues.

View a recording of the session here.



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