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Life in Residence

The transition from living at home to living in residences is a big step for many of our first year students. McGill's residences create a respectful, supportive, and lively environment that becomes a new home for students, providing a community foundation within which they can grow and flourish personally, socially and academically. There are many opportunities for leadership in the residence community, and these positions often lead to other pivotal roles as leading citizens of the University. The eight or eleven months spent living in 'rez' seems short, but it is a full and dynamic period in a young person's life, producing rich friendships and a deep sense of shared values that lasts throughout the years spent at McGill.

Activities to Welcome New Students to Residences and McGill

Right after students move in to their residences, the events begin!  Rez Fest is only for students living in residence, and there is no registration required.  All you have to do is show up!  Orientation Week and Frosh are events for all newly-admitted undergraduate students to partake in at their choosing, and these do require registration.

Rez Fest I and II

Rez Fest is an exciting celebration of McGill Residences spirit. It happens in two stages for a total of three days. The first stage is Rez Fest 1 where residences gather on Forbes field at Upper Rez, demonstrating their artistic talent with banner painting, and compete in a residence cheer off! Food is served and inter-residence games follow. It is a great day, showcasing the larger McGill residences community. Wear your Rez Fest T-Shirt and have fun! The second stage happens later in September, once you have settle into classes a little bit. Rez Fest 2 offers plenty of opportunity to get to know Montreal by attending an “On Tour” designed to help you get to know your new home, your new community, and your new city! You can even take a morning run up the Mount Royal and enjoy fresh bagels at the top! Rez Fest is truly where the McGill Residences experience begins, as well as many lasting friendships. For more information on Rez Fest please contract Residences at: advisor [dot] residences [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Orientation Week / Frosh @ McGill

The focus is on you during Orientation Week and the different events and Froshes at McGill provide fun and exciting opportunities for everyone in our diverse student population. Orientation Week and Froshes are not only a great way to make new friends during your first week at McGill, but also give students a chance to explore the world-class city of Montreal before hitting the books!

Campus Life & Engagement’s Discover McGill day occurs on the Tuesday of Orientation Week and is the campus-wide orientation event for all new McGill students. Froshes are multi-day events run by student organizations and bring new students together in a social environment. They are an excellent way to get oriented to the city and to social life at McGill. You can register for your Faculty Frosh or for any of the Non-Faculty Froshes.

More information on and registration for Orientation Week and Frosh is available at www.mcgillorientation.ca


Questions about our residences or the rez experience?   Read the Life in Residences Handbook!

Still need advice? Contact us. Tel: 514-398-2929. E: advisor [dot] residences [at] mcgill [dot] ca.