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Montreal boasts many beautiful apartments at very reasonable rates.

The Milton-Parc neighbourhood is very popular with students.

The population of the Plateau is diverse, including students and working families.

The 'Lower Plateau' offers lower rent and a relatively short walk or transit to campus.

A stretch of avenue Jeanne Mance, located in Montreal's 'Lower Plateau.'

La Cité Apartments, located on ave Parc near New Residence Hall.

Off-campus housing


LIKEHOME.INFO - The Student Guide to Successful Renting

For information regarding Montreal housing costs, neighborhoods, and more, be sure to check out likehome.info.

The purpose of this Website is to equip students with the pertinent information they need regarding renting in this city. 

Whether you want to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or how to understand the different types of rental agreements, this Site will guide you in the right direction.

We recommend that all students who are either currently renting off-campus or planning on it to visit likehome.info to ensure they are making informed, responsible decisions. 

Good News!!! We now have a new system for our online listings. Simply click here.

Advantages for students looking for an apartment are:

  • There is a virtual alert where you can register to receive e-mail every 24 hours based on your criteria.
  • You can now see exactly where the apartments are located and view the buildings with google maps.
  • You can see photos of the apartments or rooms.
  • Mac Campus students, you now have a zone "MAC", you don't have to look into zone Z anymore.


Welcome to McGill Off Campus Housing! If you are a student currently looking for an apartment near McGill, or for tips and information about renting in Montreal, then you have come to the right place! DOWNLOAD the comprehensive Guide to apartment hunting.

McGill Off Campus Housing's mission is to provide McGill students with useful information about renting in Montreal, to advise students facing difficulties in their housing search, with their landlords or with roommates, and provide up-to-date on-line listings of available housing near both the downtown and Macdonald campuses.

Can't find what you are looking for here? The Off Campus Housing Office is open year-round and offers friendly advice to help students in their housing search.


Please note:  The information provided on the on-line housing lists has been provided by private landlords not associated with McGill.

 The accommodations have not been inspected by McGill and McGill makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information posted or the suitability of the accommodation for student use.

 McGill University assumes no responsibility in regard to any lease made with the landlord or any arrangements made by students sharing the accommodation.

 Students are advised to meet with the owner and inspect the premises before signing a lease.


Information on email scams

In your search for a sub-letter, beware of email sublet scams! Always trust your instincts if something seems too good to be true. While the details of any scam can vary, many scams in recent years have shared the following characteristics:

  • The interested "sub-letter" responds very quickly to your ad.
  • He doesn't ask to see pictures, nor does he ask any questions about move-in dates -- he seems extremely accommodating.
  • He will offer money right away in the form of a (fraudulent) MONEY ORDER, MONEYGRAM, or BANK DRAFT, but will send more than the required amount.
  • The bank will hold the money order (or other form of payment) for 5 days, but the sub-letter will pressure you to wire-transfer the balance in the meantime. He might claim they accidentally overpaid and that they urgently need you to return the extra amount. Common reasons are “my boss owes me money,” or “I need it for my plane ticket to Montreal.” DO NOT give them any money out of your own pocket.

If you have any question feel free to ontact the OffCampus Housing Office at 514-398-6368 and report the scam to the RCMP. They have a national program that deals with phone and email fraud called Phone Busters.

Phone Busters is the Canadian AntiFraud Call Centre managed on a tripartite basis by the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Competition Bureau Canada www.phonebusters.com. The tollfree phone number for the program is 18884958501, fax 18886549426 and email: wafl [at] phonebusters [dot] com.