Residence students

Community Building Events

Building a community is about being confident in reaching out to others and establishing meaningful relationships that enrich everyone’s experience. The Residence Life Facilitator’s role in this journey is crucial. This group of students are extremely motivated and inspired to organize and facilitate programming and activities in McGill residences to help build a strong community, encourage diversity, education, and personal development.

The RLife team oversees seven different portfolios, which have the same objective of creating opportunities for students to socialize, have fun and engage in equitable and inclusive programming.

Academics and Learning

This portfolio aims to help students with their academic transition from high school to university. Previous activities organized by the Academics and Learning portfolio have included library crawls, Meet Your Major, and study days at University Hall.

Health and Wellness

This portfolio aims to support students to maintain their health and wellness while living in residence. In the past, the Health and Wellness portfolio has organized hikes up Mont Royal, Art, Bagel and Coffee events, and Therapy Dog events

Residence Spirit

This portfolio aims to create residence spirit among students through various friendly competitions. Some previous events include Dodgeball Tournaments, Iron Chef, and Trivia Nights!

Council Advisors

We have four residence council advisors who help facilitate our five councils. Read more about our councils.

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