Residence Councils

There are many opportunities for leadership in the residence community, and these positions often lead to other pivotal roles as leading citizens of the University. The eight or eleven months spent living in residence seems short, but it is a full and dynamic period in a young person's life, producing rich friendships and a deep sense of shared values that lasts throughout the years spent at McGill.

An excellent way to become involved in residence life is through a position on one of the residence councils. The councils are the driving force behind much of the social programming in Residences, offering a forum for students to voice concerns and promote ideas. Councils organize social events and advocate student interests to the Residence and McGill administration. What's more, Residence Councils work with McGill administration on key policy issues. A position on council is a great way to develop leadership and communication skills, meet tons of new people, and be in the epicenter of excitement.

As a student entering residence, YOU are encouraged to participate. Here’s how:

  • Elected positions are open in September, which can give you regular responsibilities on Council.
  • Each council has volunteer positions (floor/house reps and committees) that allow you to participate depending on your interests and personal schedule.
  • Council meetings are usually open to everyone and give you the opportunity to stand up and make yourself heard.

There are 4 councils that residence students may get involved in: Hall Council, Inter-Residence Council, University Residence Council, and the Environmental Residence Council.  For descriptions of each of these, see below.

 Information sessions for council elections are held in early September. Specific dates are included in your residence welcome package.

If you were unsuccessful in being voted into a council position but still really want to be on council don't worry, you can also still apply to be a floor rep! Just contact your floor fellow and express your wish to apply.

Hall Council

Each residence hall has a Hall Council composed of a President, Vice-President External, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President Events, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Communications, Vice-President Environment, a Food Representative and a Sports Representative. Each Hall Council is committed to planning events and addressing the needs of their respective hall.

In addition to the elected positions mentioned above, there are volunteer positions as Floor Representatives that offer another way for students to get involved in their Hall Council.

Inter-Residence Council (IRC)

The IRC is the body that represents all students in residence and facilitates community through inter-residence relationships.  The IRC has a President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Communications, Vice-President Events, and Vice-President Environment. Students from any residence hall may run for the IRC positions.  In addition to the IRC executives, the President of each Hall Council sits on IRC.

University Residence Council (URC)

The URC is the forum for discussion between the Hall Councils, the IRC, and the Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) administration.  The URC is composed of the Presidents of each Hall Council, the President of IRC, the Directors of each residence, and the administrative staff, including the Senior Director of SHHS.

Environmental Residence Council (ERC)

The ERC is the body responsible for maintaining the ‘eco-conscience’ of the residence community.  ERC is comprised of the Environment Representatives from each Hall Council and the IRC.  The ERC runs one of the biggest inter-residence events of the year, ‘Fight the Power,' an energy-saving competition between the residence buildings.

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