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Residence Staff

Residence Life ManagersTogether with the floor fellows, they provide invaluable guidance and oversee academic and social aspects of life in the residence halls.

The role of the Residence Life Manager is to create and sustain a sense of community in their hall, supervise the hall’s team of Floor Fellows, serve as a general resource person for students and staff in the residence hall, support and interact with the hall councils, and act as a Disciplinary Officer of the University when required.

RLMs oversee a grouping of halls or a single large hall and will live in or near the halls for which they are responsible.

As professionals with experience in the fields of residence life, student affairs and other learning/helping professions, they are responsible for educational programming, training and developing student staff (Floor Fellows), serve as a support and resource for resident students as they adjust to University life, provide administrative and operational support, serve as an early alert system for emotional, academic and mental health issues among students, and provide crisis management.

RLMs play a key role in enhancing student life in residences and often form deep and long-lasting bonds with their staff of Floor Fellows, with their hall councils, and with resident students.

Logan Kinghorn

For the past three years Logan has worked with the University of Victoria. Having worked both as a Community Leader and Residence Education Community Leader in their health and wellness Learning Living Community. Logan was also awarded “Community Builder of the Year” for his contribution in building a strong and inclusive community. Logan graduated from University of Victoria with a degree in Recreation and Health Education in 2020, which focuses on community building, programing and inclusivity.

RLM Logan

Gillan Latour

Gillan completed his Bachelor’s at the University of Toronto, where he majored in Equity Studies and minored in Sexual Diversity Studies and Religious Studies. At the University of Toronto, he was a Residence Don for two years as well as a Peer Leadership Facilitator for one year, presenting workshops on leadership development to emerging student leaders. Before working in student affairs, Gillan was a piano teacher, operating his own studio.


Lei Liang

Lei has worked as the Residence Hall Assistant Director at NYU Shanghai for two years. After a one-year stint as a corporate recruiter, Lei decided to transition back to Residence Life at McGill. In addition to his experience in crisis response and conduct management, he is skilled in conflict resolution, mediation and creative problem solving.

rlm Lei

Karman Jeji- Assistant Residence Life Manager

Karman graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Labour Relations in 2020. She is a former Residence Advisor and worked with Residence Life at the University of Manitoba Student Residences. She also worked as an International Student Mentor with the International Centre at the UofM and represented international students on the Residence Council.

rlm karman

Kimberly-Ann Jacobs - RLM for Macdonald Campus

Kimberly joins the Macdonald Campus team as the live-in Assistant to the Resident Life Manager. She has 4 years’ experience as a Residence Assistant at John Abbott College. Kim also worked 7 years for McGill Security at the Macdonald Campus and is a recent McGill graduate. She is ecstatic to have the opportunity to make a difference in the resident life community.

Floor Fellows
This is a diverse group of upper-year students who live in the residence halls offering support and guidance to first-year students making the transition to university life.

Floor Fellows  get to know residents on an individual basis and provide support, information, and referrals on a range of topics. They strive to build community for students by planning social activities and making everyone feel at home.

Residence Life Advisors

The Residence Life Advisor designs, develops and implements programs, events and activities to enhance and enrich the experience of living on campus. They provide professional oversight, advice and support to the residence Councils and to the student programming staff (Residence Life Facilitators). 

Residence Life FacilitatorsResidence Life Facilitators are live-out upper year student leaders who work individually and as a team to plan welcome activities for new students, support residence student councils, and facilitate year-long activities.

Read on to learn more about the roles of the different types of residence hall staff, or to apply for one of these exciting positions!




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