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By internet (online) or telephone banking

The most efficient means of paying student fees is through internet (online) or telephone banking, from a Canadian bank account. McGill is registered with most of the major Canadian banks for this service. It is simple and easy to setup up and pay McGill:

Step 1: Setup McGill as a bill to pay in your online banking

  • Log into your online banking.
  • Add a new bill. Depending on your bank, they may refer to this as a bill, or bill payee.
  • Search for McGill; we are the only McGill option that will show up in your search results.
  • You will be asked for an account number, which is the 9-digit McGill ID that you want to pay. Note: If you are a guest making a payment on behalf of a student, please quote the 9 digit McGill ID of the student to whom you want to make the payment, not your Guest ID. Save the new bill.

Step 2: Make the payment

  • Once you have set up the bill, you simply pay it! The next time you need to pay McGill you will not need to set up the bill again, just enter the amount you want to pay and select McGill as the bill to pay.
  • McGill will apply the payment to your student account, generally one to three business days after you make the payment. You will be able to see this in Minerva > Student Accounts menu > Account Summary by Term.

It is important to note that payment by credit card is not considered a method of payment through online banking. If you pay with a credit card through your online bank account, it will be considered a cash advance, and daily interest will be charged on this amount by your credit card company.

Tip: You may wish to set up recurring payments. This is useful for students with monthly housing charges, or for those who wish to schedule future payments.