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T4As and Relevé 1 Tax Slips | T2202A and Relevé 8 Receipts

Please note that the University cannot provide tax advice. Whether you are able to take advantage of the following tax slips depends upon your individual circumstances. To find out more about the credits and your eligibility, you should consult a tax professional and/or the appropriate Canada Revenue Agency publications.

Please consult this Revenu Québec page for more information on tax credits applicable to students, as well as the students section of the Canada Revenue Agency website.

T4A’s and Relevé 1 Tax Slips

2016 Scholarship Tax Slips (T4A’s and Relevé 1) are now available on Minerva.

T4A’s are issued for scholarships and awards and for exemptions from tuition related to staff dependent bursaries. Students are advised to consult this Canada Revenue Agency page for more information, and to find out who is required to report this amount as income.

New: You are able to view the details of the transactions that are part of your T4A / Releve 1 totals under Student Tax Slip Details menu in Minerva.

Federal Income Tax Treatment:

  • Students who receive full-time months on the T2202A qualify for the full-time education amount credit and therefore are exempt from income tax on scholarship/bursary/awards revenue.
  • Students who receive part-time months on the T2202A qualify for the part-time education amount credit and will be limited to claiming the tuition fees and costs incurred for program related materials plus the basic amount of $500.
  • Students who are not eligible for the part-time or full-time education amount credit may claim only the $500 basic amount.

Quebec Income Tax Treatment:

  • Students who receive a Relevé 1 slip for scholarship/bursary/awards income are obliged to report it as both income (line 154) and as a deduction (line 295).

T2202A and Relevé 8 Tuition Tax Receipts

2016 Tax Receipts (T2202A and Relevé 8) are now available on Minerva.

How to access and print my tax receipts?

Under the Student Accounts Menu in Minerva is a menu entitled Student Tax Menu, where students may select the taxation year they wish to view. Tax information is available for a number of years, starting with 2002. Students are able to access printable versions of these government approved forms should paper forms be required.

A receipt that displays the total amount charged for insurance premiums for medical and dental health coverage, as well as international student health insurance, is displayed under the Medical Insurance Receipts option under the Student Tax Menu, which can be found under the Student Accounts menu on Minerva. In the event that the student has opted out of any of the options, the opt-out amount is also displayed. The net amount eligible can be included as part of your medical expenses on your income tax return.

To properly view and print your T2202A you should login to Minerva directly, rather than entering via the myMcGill portal. Information on printing your tax receipts can be found in the Help text on Minerva under the Tuition Fee Receipts menu (see “Printing the T2202A”).

In the event if you cannot access Minerva, call Service Point at 514-398-7878 to have your PIN reset.

What happens if I make changes to my personal information after my tax receipt was produced or make a payment for a prior tax year?

From the end of February until May 31 the tax information is recalculated semi-monthly. This occurs the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, and ensures an up-to-date record of eligible tax receipt amounts. From June to January the tax information is recalculated at a minimum of once per month. The Schedule of T2202A and Relevé 8 Tuition Tax Receipts updates can be found here: PDF icon 2016scheduletuitiontaxreceiptsupdates.pdf

Tuition tax receipt information for the previous tax year (2015) will be updated periodically.

If you believe there should be a change to tax receipt records prior to 2015, email student [dot] accounts [at] mcgill [dot] ca specifying the tax year and your McGill ID along with the particulars of your inquiry. Please ensure that you have verified your address in Minerva prior to submitting your request, so that the information we have on file is accurate.

Why do I need this receipt?

The eligible amount appearing on the T2202A and the Relevé 8 is a tax credit that can be used to exempt a portion of taxable income according to both federal and provincial tax regulations. The eligible amount reported will include payments in respect of tuition and certain eligible ancillary fees for the given taxation year.  Please see the Canada Revenue Agency for information on the eligibility of fees at . Tax receipts will not be issued for unpaid balances still owing to the University. More information about tax receipts/slips can be found under FAQ.

Please note that a social insurance number is required to be transmitted to the Quebec government in its tax reporting for both the T4A and the RL-8 slip. It is therefore highly recommended that you provide this information via the Tax Slips menu on Minerva if you expect to be completing a Quebec income tax return. This way the University will be able to include this information on your RL-8 slip. Students should also ensure that they have a valid address by February 1st to ensure that their tax receipt will be issued on a timely basis. Students without valid addresses will have their receipts suppressed.

Where can I find the US tax form 1098-T?

As a Canadian institution, we only provide Canadian federal (T2202A) and provincial (RL-8) tax receipts. If you are filing taxes in the US you can use the Canadian receipt T2202A. McGill’s IRS number is 98-6001153. You will require this information in order to complete your US income tax returns.