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Clinical Courses - International Experiences

International fieldwork learning opportunities are encouraged and supported by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.  Interested students must follow the procedures as outlined in the clinical course outlines.  Complete information on the application procedures, on-going and new project development initiatives is provided during the first clinical seminar as outlined in OCC1-501 or PHTH- 571. For more information on international placements and role emerging placements, please refer to the clinical course outline.

Once students have been granted permission by the School to complete a clinical course at an international destination, all students must participate in the compulsory preparatory session offered twice a year and complete the required university registration form. Please refer to the following websites for complete information:

As well, interested students may consider the following student-run, non-credit course for additional preparation. This course is available in the winter term for free (Spaces are limited to 25):