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Supervision Modules

The McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project (Dialogue McGill), funded by Health Canada, is offering five on-line student supervision modules without charge to a multi-disciplinary audience. A team of McGill clinical field directors from across the Health and Social Services disciplines will be facilitating the course.

In 2013-2014, we will be running five modules on-line.

Module 1 - The Basics of Supervision:
dates pending confirmation
Module 2 - Building a Climate of Trust:
dates pending confirmation
Module 3 - Learning Styles:
dates pending confirmation
Module 4 - Advanced Clinical Teaching & Moving Forward with Collaborative Reflection :
dates pending confirmation
Module 5 - Performance Evaluation:
dates pending confirmation

For any questions or to access individual modules prior to Fall 2013, please contact estelle [dot] hopmeyer [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Estelle Hopmeyer).

If you are interested in participating in the above modules, please fill out the registration form.

Each Module takes four weeks to complete. You will need to set aside about four hours per week to work on the Modules from your workplace or home.

You can register on line for the course at the following web site: http://www.mcgill.ca/hssaccess/trhpp/m2intro/supervisors/course

Once registered you will become part of a multi-disciplinary community of learners participating in a module together with the support of the instructional teaching team. The interdisciplinary teaching team will engage on-line with participants and offer comments and help.

A certificate of attestation will be sent to those who participate weekly in the module. This attestation is applicable for your professional portfolio.

If you require more information, contact caroline [dot] storr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Caroline Storr) (514-398-6561) or adriana [dot] venturini [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Adriana Venturini) (514-398-5541) ACCE, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (OT and PT, respectively)

Instructional Team:

Estelle Hopmeyer
Francine Granner
Oonagh Aitken
Marcia Beaulieu
Jeanne Claessen
Caroline Storr
Mariette Xenopoulos

In addition, supervisors can access free learning modules with direct registration at: https://owl.uwo.ca/portal/site/!pep

These topics include:

  • Module 1: Orientation - Welcoming the Student, Roles and Expectations
  • Module 2: Developing (Really Useful) Learning Objectives
  • Module 3: Giving and Receiving Informal Feedback
  • Module 4: Clinical Reasoning - Understanding and Fostering Clinical Reasoning
  • Module 5: Fostering Reflective Practice
  • Module 6: Dealing with Conflict
  • Module 7: The Formal Evaluation Process

Certificates of participation will be given following completion of the modules to support continuing education for professional portfolios.