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Clinical Education

Clinical education courses (practica) encompassing in excess 1000 hours (as required by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy) are interwoven into the professional curriculum. These fieldwork courses (practica) take place in teaching facilities associated with McGill University. These may include the McGill teaching network hospitals, but also under certain circumstances, extend to facilities located across Canada and internationally.

2013 Name-Tag Ceremony:


In recognition of exceptional dedication by clinicians to the clinical education component, SPOT would like to offer clinical supervisors a formal appointment at McGill University, entitled, Faculty Lecturer. Please see this document for details.  

OT & PT Professional Program

Year Fall
Term A
Term B
Term C
U1 Campus-Based Courses Campus-Based Courses no courses
U2 Campus-Based Courses Campus-Based Courses no courses
U3/QY Campus-Based Courses Campus-Based Courses

PT/OT Courses
Clinical Practicum I 
(PT:7/OT:6 weeks' duration)
Clinical Practicum II
(7 weeks' duration)


Campus-Based Courses
(Students begin their 
research project)

PT / OT Courses
Clinical Practicum III
(8 weeks' duration)
followed by
Campus-Based Courses 
for 9 weeks

Full-time research project;
submission & presentation

PT / OT Courses
Clinical Practicum IV
(8 weeks' duration)


Strawberries & Champagne Reception
Awards and Honours





Language of Instruction

The language of instruction at McGill is English. Students may, if they wish, write term papers and examinations in French. It is recommended that students who lack proficiency in either French or English, use the opportunity to take an intensive English or French as a Second Language course prior to, or early, in their program of studies. Working knowledge of both languages is important for students who will be working in clinical affiliations throughout the province of Québec.

Security (Criminal Records) Checks

Every person working in health, social and educational services has the obligation of performing a criminal record background check following the MSSS new directive issued in 2013. This new process includes a criminal background check of any trainee undergoing training in a health and social service establishment in Quebec. At the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University, all students in the professional masters program must complete a self-declaration affidavit with respect to their criminal background during the first clinical seminar. In addition, affiliated teaching institutions may require students to complete an additional self-declaration and/or complete a police background criminal record check prior to commencing a clinical practicum course.

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