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Academic Success Series: Writing Your Best Exam

Lundi le 26 mars de 13h00 à 14h30 dans la salle NCDH 101

Le SAÉ vous invite à participer à l'atelier final de la série Academic Success: Writing Your Best Exam. 

The workshop will be be facilitated by Dr. Sarah Leu of the McGill Writing Centre. It will address strategies for organizing ideas and writing well under pressure, based on previous year's exams and suggestions from your professors. 

Pour nous aider à adapter l'atelier à vos besoins et intérêts particuliers, veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour répondre à ce sondage

**the workshop is open to students in all years; previous 1L exams will be used as examples

Course evaluations for the Winter 2018 term will be available from March 21 to May 2, 2018

Students… let your voices be heard! Evaluate your courses! Your feedback is critical in helping us improve teaching and learning at McGill.

Want to have an impact? You can:

  • help instructors improve future course offerings,
  • inform decision-makers for merit, promotion and tenure, and teaching awards,
  • help reach response thresholds so that results may be disseminated to students.

Easy to complete:

  • Takes only 5-10 minutes
  • The system is open 24/7
  • Available from March 21 to May 2, 2018


  1. Log in to your Minerva account
  2. A pop-up window will direct you to the course evaluations
  3. Alternate way to access the course evaluations:
    a. Select Student Menu
    b. Click on Mercury Online Course Evaluation Menu
    c. Then on Submit your course evaluations
    d. Click on the Course link

Thank you for participating in this important process!

Summer Programs-Courses 2018

The Faculty of Law will be offering a number of courses in the summer term 2018.

Law Students can take a maximum of 12 credits during the summer term.

Registration will open on Minerva at 9:00 am as follows:

March 1, 2018: registration opens on Minerva for all Law undergraduate students.

March 13, 2018: summer registration opens on Minerva for all graduate students.

PDF icon Summer 2018 Calendar Dates ( updated March 20, 2018)

PDF icon Summer 2018 Course Memo for Students

BCL/LLB Program Brochures

Icon: flyerThe brochures below outline the BCL/LLB program requirements. As there were changes between the 2014-2015 program, the 2015-2016 program, and the 2016-2017 program, we have posted all three program brochures for reference: