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School/Applied Child Psychology handbook, forms & guidelines

This pages contains resources for current School/Applied Child Psychology students. Referee? Please visit the Referees page for forms and instructions.


The School/Applied Child Psychology Program Handbook is a student's first and most important resource during their studies in our program. It contains all the important information on student evaluation, practicum/internships, contact information, and required program-related forms.


School/Applied Psychology Handbook

School/Applied Child Psychology Handbook 2014-2015 [.pdf]

Please note, the School/Applied Child Psychology Handbook is updated on a regular basis; it is not recommended to save a copy on your computer but to access the online version instead.

The above handbook is for students admitted to a School/Applied Child Psychology program (M.A. or Ph.D.) in Fall 2014 and prior.



School/Applied Child Psychology On-Site Hours Log

Below you will find the spreadsheet used by supervisors and students for logging on-site student hours. This form is to be used for all Doctoral clinical hours (i.e. Clinic Practicum 1 and 2, Field Work/Experience, and Internship). 

Log form instructions & troubleshooting

When filling out the log, please make sure that the weeks on the spreadsheet (in red) correspond to the Mondays of each week for the applicable semester the log is used for and that the semester is indicated along the top.

The On-site hours log spreadsheet contains descriptions of the log categories to assist students in accurately logging their activities. Moving the mouse pointer over a cell containing a category will bring up a brief description of the types of activities to be logged in that row. Students seeking clarification on how to properly log their activities should contact the program’s Director of Clinical Training.

If you're having trouble formatting the Excel sheet to fit on one printed page, please try the following:

For Excel 2007 and 2010 for Windows:
See Microsoft Office Help: Make a worksheet fit the printed page

For Excel for Mac and earlier versions of Excel for Windows:
File—Page Setup—Fit To—1 page wide by 1 tall