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Luis F. Miranda-Moreno

Luis Miranda-Moreno

Associate Professor




BSc/MEng (Civil Engineering, Mexico, 2001)
MSc/PhD (Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2006)
Postdoctoral Fellow (CRAD/CDAT, Laval University, 2008)


Tel: 514-398-6589
Fax: 514-398-7361
luis [dot] miranda-moreno [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail)



General information

Professor Miranda-Moreno’s specialty is in transportation engineering with a focus on road safety, traffic monitoring and demand modeling, and sustainable transport strategies. His research interests include the development of crash-risk analysis methods, the integration of emergency technologies for traffic monitoring, the impact of climate on transportation systems, the analysis of short and long-term changes in travel demand, the impact of transport on the environment, the evaluation of energy efficiency measures and non-motorized transportation.



  • Member of CIRRELT, Inter-university Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation
  • Member of CREATE, Centre de Recherche en économie de l'Environnement, de l'Agroalimentaire, des Transports et de l'Énergie
  • Member of TISED, Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo

Research interest

  • Traffic monitoring and data collection methods: development and integration of new technologies for automated data collection and monitoring, methods to extrapolate and fusion multiple sources of data.
  • Transportation safety and designs: crash risk modeling, network screening methods, road design and evaluation of engineering treatments, railway safety, automated surrogate safety measure.
  • Transportation and the environment: impact assessment of green technologies, energy reduction strategies, impact of climate on mobility, modeling greenhouse gas emissions, non-motorized transportation and built environment.

Current Collaborators

  • Dominique Lord, Texas A&M University - Bayesian methods in road safety applications,
  • Liping Fu, University of Waterloo - Safety and mobility impact of winter weather and road maintenance,
  • Satish Ukkusuri, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Pedestrian safety data analysis in New York City,
  • Martin Lee-Gosselin and Philippe Barla, Laval University - Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions associated with daily trips in Québec City.

Former Masters Students

Ting Fu Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Effects of adverse winter weather conditions on highway traffic and driver behavior PhD Student
Adham Badram Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Regional model for evaluating new road infrastructure projects MTQ
Shaun Burns Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Safety at Quebec's Roundabouts: Investigating injuries and accident occurrence CIMA+
Paul Anderson-Trocme Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill An evaluation of the operations and safety issues at reserved lane facilities using microscopic video data and alternative methods Accenture
Thomas Nosal Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Improving the accuracy of bicycle AADT estimation: Temporal patterns, weather and bicycle AADT estimation methods City of Portland, Maine
Annie Chang Main supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill The evolution of travel behavior and its relationship with the built environment EMBARQ, DC
Felix Soto Co-supervisor (N. Saunier) 2013/EPM Road safety analysis in low traffic volume highways CIMA+
David Fernandes Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill Vehicle-pedestrian accidents at signalized intersections Metropolitan Tutoring
Sabrina Chang Main supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill Evaluating the impact of emergency transportation technologies onh GHGs Alberta Ministry of Transportation
Wei Yi Kho Sole supervisor (Project) 2012/McGill Winter cycling: Impact of climate and road surface conditions on bicycle activity Shandong High-Speed Group Co.
Rui Jiang Sole supervisor (Project) 2012/McGill Safety analysis at highway railway grade crossings in Canada Golder Associates Ltd.
Jillian Strauss Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2012/McGill Cyclist injury risk and pollution exposure at urban signalized intersections PhD student, McGill University
Paul St-Aubin Main supervisor (Thesis) 2011/McGill Driver behavior and safety analysis for specialized freeway lane markings PhD student, EPL
Tyler Kreider Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2011/McGill Representation of built environment and relationship to travel outcomes IHS Global in Lexington, US
Laetitia Bettex Co-supervisor (Project) 2010/EPFL Analysis of the relationship between urban form, transit accessibility and daily mobility in urban Quebec PhD student, EPFL

Former PhD Students

Sohail Zangenehpour Main supervisor/PhD 2015/McGill A video-based methodology for extracting microscopic data and evaluating safety countermeasures at intersections Data scientist
Jillian Strauss Sole supervisor/PhD 2015/McGill New methods for modeling and integrating bicycle activity and injury risk in a road network -
Sabreena Anowar Main superisor/PhD 2015/McGill A comprehensive study on household transportaiton expenditure, vehicle ownership and usage patterns Post-doctoral fellow, University of Toronto
Amir Zahabi Sole supervisor/PhD 2014/McGill Methods for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating transportation reduction strategies Post-doctoral fellow, University of Concordia
Taimur Usman Co-supervisor (L. Fu)/PhD 2011/ U. of Waterloo Models for quantifying safety benefits of winter road maintenance Post-doctoral fellow, U of Waterloo
Alex Francisque Co-supervisor (M. Rodriguez)/PhD 2009/Laval U. Strateies for improving the surveillance of drinking water quality in distribution networks Post-doctoral fellow, UBC

Courses offered

  • CIVE 319 Transportation Engineering 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 540 Urban Transportation Planning 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 560 Transportation Safety & Design 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 648 Sp Topics in Civil Eng 4 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer


  • Honorable Mention for a paper on Climate Change Issues: Eco-driving and Fuel Consumption. 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2014, Vancouver, Canada
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2012, Banff, Canada
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2011, Halifax, Canada
  • Postdoctoral Scholarship, Faculty of Social Sciences, Laval University, 2006-2008
  • Government of Mexico scholarship for PhD studies, 2002-2006
  • Graduate Scholarship, University of Waterloo, 2003-2005
  • Government of Mexico scholarship for MEng studies, 1997-1999

Representative publications

  • Zangenehpour, S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2015) “Automated classification based on video data at intersections with heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic: Methodology and application”, Transportation Research, Part C, 56, 161–176.
  • Zahabi, A., Miranda-Moreno, L., Patterson, Z. and Barla, P. (2015) "Spatio-temporal analysis of car distance, greenhouse gases and the effect of built environment: A latent class regression analysis", Transportation Research, Part A, (accepted).
  • St-Aubin, P., Saunier, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2015) “Large-scale automated proactive road safety analysis using video data”, Transportation Research, Part C, (accepted).
  • Anowar, S., Yasmin, S., Eluru, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2015) “Analysis of vehicle ownership evolution in Montreal, Canada using Pseudo panel analysis”, Transportation, (accepted).
  • Zahabi, A., Miranda-Moreno, L., Barla P. and Vincent B. (2014) “Fuel economy of hybrid-electric versus conventional gasoline vehicles in real-world conditions: A Case Study of Cold Cities in Quebec, Canada”, Transportation Research, Part D, 32 pp. 184–192.
  • Heydari, H., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Liping F. (2014) “Speed limit reduction in urban areas: A before-after study using Bayesian generalized mixed linear models”, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Vol. (73), pp. 252–261.
  • Nosal T. and Miranda-Moreno L. (2014) “The effect of weather on the use of North American bicycle facilities: A multi-city analysis using automatic counts”, Transportation Research, Part A, Vol. 66, pp. 213–225.
  • Strauss, J., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Morency M. (2014) “Multimodal injury risk analysis of road users at signalized and non-signalized intersections”, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 71, pp. 201–209.
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  • Perdomo M., Patterson, Z. Saunier, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Pedestrian preferences with respect to roundabouts - A video-based stated preference survey”, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Vol. (70), pp. 84–91.
  • Anowar, S., Yasmin, S., Eluru, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Analyzing car ownership in two Quebec metropolitan regions: A comparison of latent ordered and unordered response models”, Transportation, 1-27.
  • Nosal, T. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Incorporating weather: A comparative analysis of average annual daily bicyclist estimation methods”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, No. 2468, pp. 100-110.
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  • Nabavi, M., Miranda-Moreno, L., Saunier, N. and Amador, L. (2014) “A method for road lighting audit and safety screening”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, No. 2458, pp. 27-36.
  • St-Aubin, P., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2013) “An automated conflict analysis at protected highway ramps using cross-sectional and before-after video data”, Transportation Research, Part C, Vol. 36, pp. 284 - 295.
  • Daziano, R., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Heydari, S. (2013) “Computational bayesian statistics in transportation modeling: From road safety analysis to discrete choice”, Transport Review, Vol 33, pp. 570-592.
  • Brosseau M., Zangenehpour, S., Saunier N. and Miranda-Moreno L. (2013) “The impact of waiting time and other factors on dangerous pedestrian crossings and violations at signalized intersections: A case study in Montreal”, Transportation Research, Part F, Vol. 21, pp. 159–172.
  • Chan, S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Hatzopoulou, M. (2013) “Assessing the impact of bus technology on greenhouse gas emissions along a major corridor: A lifecycle analysis”, Transportation Research, Part D, 20, pp. 7–11.
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