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Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

  • Historic building in the heart of Montreal

    We are a 150-year old department housed in the beautiful Macdonald Engineering Building in the center of the downtown campus.

  • Computational Hydraulics Modelling

    Computer simulation has increasingly become the method of solution in Civil engineering. A variety of scenarios can be simulated effectively using the computer to find the optimal solution.

    Vincent Chu
  • Carbon utilization in concrete

    Cement production emits carbon dioxide. We are establishing a carbon capture and utilization system to recycle carbon dioxide into precast concrete products.

    Yixin Shao
  • Experimental hydraulics

    One of the remarkable properties of turbulence is its capacity to mix either a vector (velocity) or a scalar (heat, chemical) extremely rapidly.

    Susan Gaskin
  • Structural buckling and collapse from earthquakes

    Understanding the strength and stiffness deterioration mechanisms of structural components during earthquakes is critical in order to quantify the collapse potential of buildings during such events.

    Dimitrios Lignos
  • Environmental biotechnology of waste water

    We use advanced tools biotechnical tools such as this student studying microbial interactions with pollutants and nanoparticles in the environment using a fluorescence microscope.

    Dominic Frigon
  • Global groundwater use

    Groundwater is a critical resource that over two billion people drink every day. Our research has shown how groundwater in some important agricultural areas in critically stressed, especially in Asia and North America.

    Tom Gleeson
  • Fluid flow in rock formations

    Geoenvironmental engineering concepts related to secure storage of nuclear waste and carbon sequestration require accurate assessments of fluid transport through rocks with complex geological properties.

    A.P.S. Selvadurai
  • Infrastructure durability

    Many different deterioration mechanisms affect our transportation infrastructure. Our research focuses on understanding these mechanisms and improving techniques for detecting damage.

    Andrew J. Boyd
  • Exciting jobs after graduation

    Student Scott Hsu while working on the Golden Ears Bridge in Langley, BC, as a field engineer in training.

  • Dynamic student internships

    Student Alexandra Goubanova presenting a plan for a large transportation project while on an internship with the City of Ottawa.

  • On top of the city as a student intern

    Student Ethan Landy on top of the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building at McGill University, while interning as an assistant project manager with McGill University Facilities Operations and Development.

  • Global student exchanges

    Student Nuri Schrayer collecting water samples from Sövdesjön Lake for a course on hydrology and water ecology during an exchange at the University of Lund, Sweden.

  • Hands-on site visits

    Student Bachir Mouhyi in Fredericton, NB, excited to be visiting an overpass construction site during the Civil Engineering Colloquium. Safety first!


The Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics (est. 1871) offers programs in both undergraduate and graduate levels. The department currently has 22 full-time faculty members. In addition, an industrial perspective is provided in the classroom by adjunct professors who are practicing civil engineers.

We currently have approximately 430 undergraduate and 140 graduate students enrolled in our programs, of whom nearly one-half are women and one-third are from outside Canada. Broad programs of study are available that offer specialized courses in all areas of civil engineering. Our facilities include state-of-the-art teaching, research and computing laboratories.

Please read our brochure and browse our pages for more details about our programs. Inquiries regarding Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Studies and any other questions can be addressed by e-mailing our ugradinfo [dot] civil [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Undergraduate Student Affairs Coordinator) or gradinfo [dot] civil [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator).