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Luis Miranda-Moreno
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Professor Miranda-Moreno’s specialty is in transportation engineering with a focus on road safety, traffic monitoring and demand modeling, and sustainable transport strategies. His research interests include the development of crash-risk analysis methods, the integration of emergency technologies for traffic monitoring, the impact of climate on transportation systems, the analysis of short and long-term changes in travel demand, the impact of transport on the environment, the evaluation of energy efficiency measures and non-motorized transportation.

Civil Engineering

B.Sc. / M.Eng. (Civil Engineering, Mexico, 2001)
M.Sc. / Ph.D. (Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2006)
Postdoctoral Fellow (CRAD/CDAT, Laval University, 2008)

Areas of expertise: 

Transportation Engineering

  • CIVE 319 Transportation Engineering 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 540 Urban Transportation Planning 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 560 Transportation Safety & Design 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

Awards, honours, and fellowships: 
  • Honorable Mention for a paper on Climate Change Issues: Eco-driving and Fuel Consumption. 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2014, Vancouver, Canada
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2012, Banff, Canada
  • Best student paper in the Canadian Multi-Disciplinary Road Safety Conference, 2011, Halifax, Canada
  • Postdoctoral Scholarship, Faculty of Social Sciences, Laval University, 2006-2008
  • Government of Mexico scholarship for PhD studies, 2002-2006
  • Graduate Scholarship, University of Waterloo, 2003-2005
  • Government of Mexico scholarship for MEng studies, 1997-1999
Selected publications: 


  • Proulx, F., Schneider, R.J. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2016) “Performance Evaluation and Correction Functions for Automated Pedestrian and Bicycle Counting Technologies”. Journal of Transportation Engineering – ASCE, 142 (3).
  • Fu, T., Stipancic, J., Zangenehpour, S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2016) “A Comparison of Regular and Thermal Cameras for Traffic Data Collection under Varying Lighting and Temperature Conditions in Multimodal Environments”, Journal of Advanced Transportation.
  • Heydari, S., Fu, L., Joseph, L. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2016) “Bayesian nonparametric modelling in transportation safety studies: applications in univariate and multivariate settings”. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 12, 18-34.
  • Zangenehpour S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2016) “Are intersections with cycle tracks safer? A case-control study based on automated surrogate safety analysis using video data”. Accident Analysis & Prevention 86, pp 161-172.
  • Seyed A., Chang, A., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Patterson, Z. (2016) “Exploring the link between the neighborhood typologies, bicycle infrastructure and commuting cycling over time and the potential impact on commuter GHG emissions”, Transportation Research Part D, Vol. 47, pp. 89-10.


  • Zangenehpour, S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2015) “Automated classification based on video data at intersections with heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic: Methodology and application”, Transportation Research, Part C, 56, 161–176.
  • Zahabi, A., Miranda-Moreno, L., Patterson, Z. and Barla, P. (2015) "Spatio-temporal analysis of car distance, greenhouse gases and the effect of built environment: A latent class regression analysis", Transportation Research, Part A, (accepted).
  • St-Aubin, P., Saunier, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2015) “Large-scale automated proactive road safety analysis using video data”, Transportation Research, Part C, (accepted).
  • Anowar, S., Yasmin, S., Eluru, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2015) “Analysis of vehicle ownership evolution in Montreal, Canada using Pseudo panel analysis”, Transportation, (accepted).


  • Zahabi, A., Miranda-Moreno, L., Barla P. and Vincent B. (2014) “Fuel economy of hybrid-electric versus conventional gasoline vehicles in real-world conditions: A Case Study of Cold Cities in Quebec, Canada”, Transportation Research, Part D, 32 pp. 184–192.
  • Heydari, H., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Liping F. (2014) “Speed limit reduction in urban areas: A before-after study using Bayesian generalized mixed linear models”, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Vol. (73), pp. 252–261.
  • Nosal T. and Miranda-Moreno L. (2014) “The effect of weather on the use of North American bicycle facilities: A multi-city analysis using automatic counts”, Transportation Research, Part A, Vol. 66, pp. 213–225.
  • Strauss, J., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Morency M. (2014) “Multimodal injury risk analysis of road users at signalized and non-signalized intersections”, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 71, pp. 201–209.
  • Anowar, S., Eluru, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Alternative modeling approaches used for examining automobile ownership: A comprehensive review”, Transport Reviews, Vol. 34(4), pp. 441-473.
  • Perdomo M., Patterson, Z. Saunier, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Pedestrian preferences with respect to roundabouts - A video-based stated preference survey”, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Vol. (70), pp. 84–91.
  • Anowar, S., Yasmin, S., Eluru, N. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Analyzing car ownership in two Quebec metropolitan regions: A comparison of latent ordered and unordered response models”, Transportation, 1-27.
  • Nosal, T. and Miranda-Moreno, L. (2014) “Incorporating weather: A comparative analysis of average annual daily bicyclist estimation methods”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, No. 2468, pp. 100-110.
  • Heydari S., Miranda-Moreno, L., Lord D. and Fu, L. (2014) “A methodology to estimate and update SPF Parameters under limited data conditions: A sensitivity analysis”, accident analysis and prevention, Vol. 64, pp. 41-51.
  • Nabavi, M., Miranda-Moreno, L., Saunier, N. and Amador, L. (2014) “A method for road lighting audit and safety screening”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, No. 2458, pp. 27-36.


  • St-Aubin, P., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Saunier, N. (2013) “An automated conflict analysis at protected highway ramps using cross-sectional and before-after video data”, Transportation Research, Part C, Vol. 36, pp. 284 - 295.
  • Daziano, R., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Heydari, S. (2013) “Computational bayesian statistics in transportation modeling: From road safety analysis to discrete choice”, Transport Review, Vol 33, pp. 570-592.
  • Brosseau M., Zangenehpour, S., Saunier N. and Miranda-Moreno L. (2013) “The impact of waiting time and other factors on dangerous pedestrian crossings and violations at signalized intersections: A case study in Montreal”, Transportation Research, Part F, Vol. 21, pp. 159–172.
  • Chan, S., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Hatzopoulou, M. (2013) “Assessing the impact of bus technology on greenhouse gas emissions along a major corridor: A lifecycle analysis”, Transportation Research, Part D, 20, pp. 7–11.
  • Miranda-Moreno, L., Nosal, T., Schneider, R.J. and Proulx, F. (2013) “Classification of bicycle traffic patterns in five North American cities”, Journal of Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2339 pp. 68-79.
  • Strauss, J., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Morency M. (2013) “Cyclist activity and injury risk analysis at signalized intersections: A bayesian modeling”, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 59, pp. 9-17.
  • Lusk A., Morency, P., Miranda-Moreno, L. and Walter W. (2013) “Bicycle guidelines and crash rates on cycle tracks in the United States”, American Journal of Public Health, 103(7), pp. 1240-1248.
  • Miranda-Moreno, L. and Chapman Lahti, A. (2013) “Temporal trends and the effect of weather on pedestrian volumes: A case study of Montreal, Canada”, Transportation Research, Part D, 22, pp. 54–59.
Current research: 

In collaboration with:

  • Dominique Lord, Texas A&M University - Bayesian methods in road safety applications,
  • Liping Fu, University of Waterloo - Safety and mobility impact of winter weather and road maintenance,
  • Satish Ukkusuri, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Pedestrian safety data analysis in New York City,
  • Martin Lee-Gosselin and Philippe Barla, Laval University - Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions associated with daily trips in Québec City.
Graduate supervision: 

Former Masters Students


Ting Fu Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Effects of adverse winter weather conditions on highway traffic and driver behavior Ph.D. Student
Adham Badram Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Regional model for evaluating new road infrastructure projects MTQ
Shaun Burns Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Safety at Quebec's Roundabouts: Investigating injuries and accident occurrence CIMA+
Paul Anderson-Trocme Main supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill An evaluation of the operations and safety issues at reserved lane facilities using microscopic video data and alternative methods Accenture
Thomas Nosal Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2014/McGill Improving the accuracy of bicycle AADT estimation: Temporal patterns, weather and bicycle AADT estimation methods City of Portland, Maine
Annie Chang Main supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill The evolution of travel behavior and its relationship with the built environment EMBARQ, DC
Felix Soto Co-supervisor (N. Saunier) 2013/EPM Road safety analysis in low traffic volume highways CIMA+
David Fernandes Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill Vehicle-pedestrian accidents at signalized intersections Metropolitan Tutoring
Sabrina Chang Main supervisor (Thesis) 2013/McGill Evaluating the impact of emergency transportation technologies onh GHGs Alberta Ministry of Transportation
Wei Yi Kho Sole supervisor (Project) 2012/McGill Winter cycling: Impact of climate and road surface conditions on bicycle activity Shandong High-Speed Group Co.
Rui Jiang Sole supervisor (Project) 2012/McGill Safety analysis at highway railway grade crossings in Canada Golder Associates Ltd.
Jillian Strauss Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2012/McGill Cyclist injury risk and pollution exposure at urban signalized intersections Ph.D. Student, McGill University
Paul St-Aubin Main supervisor (Thesis) 2011/McGill Driver behavior and safety analysis for specialized freeway lane markings Ph.D. Student, EPL
Tyler Kreider Sole supervisor (Thesis) 2011/McGill Representation of built environment and relationship to travel outcomes IHS Global in Lexington, US
Laetitia Bettex Co-supervisor (Project) 2010/EPFL Analysis of the relationship between urban form, transit accessibility and daily mobility in urban Quebec Ph.D. Student, EPFL


Former Ph.D. Students


Former Ph.D. Students

Sohail Zangenehpour Main supervisor/Ph.D. 2015/McGill A video-based methodology for extracting microscopic data and evaluating safety countermeasures at intersections Data scientist
Jillian Strauss Sole supervisor/Ph.D. 2015/McGill New methods for modeling and integrating bicycle activity and injury risk in a road network -
Sabreena Anowar Main superisor/Ph.D. 2015/McGill A comprehensive study on household transportaiton expenditure, vehicle ownership and usage patterns Post-doctoral fellow, University of Toronto
Amir Zahabi Sole supervisor/Ph.D. 2014/McGill Methods for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating transportation reduction strategies Post-doctoral fellow, University of Concordia
Taimur Usman Co-supervisor (L. Fu)/Ph.D. 2011/ U. of Waterloo Models for quantifying safety benefits of winter road maintenance Post-doctoral fellow, U of Waterloo
Alex Francisque Co-supervisor (M. Rodriguez)/Ph.D. 2009/Laval U. Strateies for improving the surveillance of drinking water quality in distribution networks Post-doctoral fellow, UBC


Areas of interest: 
  • Traffic monitoring and data collection methods: development and integration of new technologies for automated data collection and monitoring, methods to extrapolate and fusion multiple sources of data.
  • Transportation safety and designs: crash risk modeling, network screening methods, road design and evaluation of engineering treatments, railway safety, automated surrogate safety measure.
  • Transportation and the environment: impact assessment of green technologies, energy reduction strategies, impact of climate on mobility, modeling greenhouse gas emissions, non-motorized transportation and built environment.
Professional activities: 
  • Member of CIRRELT, Inter-university Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation
  • Member of CREATE, Centre de Recherche en économie de l'Environnement, de l'Agroalimentaire, des Transports et de l'Énergie
  • Member of TISED, Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo
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