Tone and voice

These tone and voice guidelines will help ensure a level of consistency and stronger brand alignment across McGill’s digital environments. 

Clear and concise 

The tone for McGill’s digital communications should be assertive, unambiguous, and to the point. Use active voice where appropriate, avoid unnecessary jargon, and remember our digital standard: less is more!


McGill’s digital platforms are an extension of who we are and how we see the world. Our content should reflect the inspiring nature of the community and inspire likeminded individuals to join us.  


McGill’s digital communications should be approachable and conversational. As an academic institution, it’s especially important to avoid a formal tone that might create a distance between ourselves and our diverse community. 

Human interest 

Engage users by incorporating a storytelling and human-centered approach to your writing. If it’s appropriate, use interesting quotations or stories that will make your content more relatable to a broader audience.  

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