Services available to the WMS community include:


  • Training and authorization from the Primary Site Manager/ Site Sponsor (usually the supervisor or department head) is required before access to WMS site administration can be granted
  • Registration for WMS training for site management and editing is open to all McGill faculty and administrative staff through Minerva
  • Supervisor approval and a FOAPAL for registration is a requirement for instructor-led training
    • Note: the account will only be charged for missed courses.
  • Learn more about WMS Training


  • Support for the WMS and other web publishing services is handled by the ITsupport [at] (IT Service Desk)
    • The Service Desk can be contacted by email or phone
    • For specific requests, questions or issues, users are asked to fill out the available forms
  • Documentation and updates regarding the WMS and other web publishing services can be found on:
  • Learn more about Support

Site Review

  • ​The Web Service Group provides Site Reviews for WMS Site owners/managers who require assistance with
    • Improving site architecture
    • Enhancing their site's visual impact
    • Making full use of various WMS tools and features
    • Formatting and enhancing content placement
  • If you're interested in this service, please send a request through the itsupport [at] (subject: Site%20review%20request) (IT Service Desk) with the URL of your site and ask for your ticket to be assigned to CCS WSG.
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