Tools and features in the WMS include:


Allows News and Events content to be published once and then displayed in many different places and formats, both within McGill websites and in other places, such as the myMcGill portal, Twitter or your customized Google home page. Channels uses RSS feeds, a standard for syndication of content across the web.

  • News includes news releases and major announcements. News can be posted from the Media Relations Office as well as individual web sites across McGill's Web Management System
  • Events are date-specific items such as lectures, conferences, and notices of important dates and deadlines

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eCalendar helps McGill Faculty and Staff members manage University course calendars. In addition to optimizing the workflow and coordinating contributions from all faculties, it provides a more readable, searchable, and navigable web-based calendar to the university community. eCalendar content is displayed at https://www.mcgill.ca/study.

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In McGill's Web Management System, the Search box at the top of each site allows you to enter a search term. Once you click the Search button, the results page will display matches from the local site in the default tab ; you can also click the McGill tab to view the results from all McGill websites.

  • WMS-wide
  • Local Search

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McGill Profiles

Allows you to display information about people in a consistent way throughout your website both as individual profile pages and in a directory format. You can choose the level of detail you want to provide; for example you can display basic contact information, or include details such as title, education, area of expertise and interests.

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Some users must have a McGill account and password in order to access secured content such as restricted pages and forms. Users who are involved in managing sites and creating content have various levels of access based on what role they are assigned.

Site Management

  • Shortcut bar for administrators
  • Link checker
  • URL Redirects
  • File management
  • Site customization
  • Menu structure

​Content Management

  • Workbench
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Content moderation
  • Publishing workflow
  • Block creation and management
  • Content aggregation

Various Content Types

  • Article
  • Basic page
  • Channels Event
  • Channels News
  • Gallery
  • McGill Profile
  • Webform
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