Styling webform emails and confirmation pages

Take your webform emails and confirmation pages from meh to marvelous

A little webform token knowledge goes a long way when it comes to souping up submission emails and confirmation pages.

Email messages

The email template at the bottom of the WEBFORM > E-mails settings page provides a default message that can be sent each time a form is submitted:

Submitted on [submission:date:long]
Submitted by user: [submission:user]
Submitted values are:

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

The token [submission:values] provides submission data with no formatting, which can often be unreadable.

Fortunately, Site Managers and Editors can — with a little bit of plain text formatting and the judicious use of webform tokens — create more readable webform emails.

So a default message that can be difficult to parse:

Default webform email message
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

Can be improved with the addition of a salutation, a few instructions, basic plain text formatting and a signature to provide clearer information to the recipient:

Adapted webform email message with tokens and plain text formatting
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

Confirmation pages

Likewise when a user submits a form, they don't always have to see a default message with a link back to the form: 

Default confirmation page
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

You can create a custom Confirmation message under WEBFORM > Form settings using HTML and webform tokens.

Unlike webform emails which is limited to plain text, confirmation pages allow the use of HTML which provides a little more flexibility, like displaying a user's choices in a table:

Confirmation page with webform tokens and HTML formatting
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

Note that in order to take full advantage of this feature, you will need to have some basic HTML knowledge.

For detailed instructions and examples on how to customize Webform emails and confirmation pages, check out the IT Knowledge Base article: Setting up webform emails and confirmation pages.

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