2007 Advanced Study Institute

June 12 - 15, 2007

Psychopharmacology in a Globalizing World

The Social Lives of Psychiatric Medication

Download the ASI 2007 Flyer [.pdf] and the ASI 2007 Programme [.pdf] here!

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of psychiatric medications among children, adolescents, and adults in many countries. Psychopharmaceuticals are big business and are at the center of the globalization of psychiatry. The production of clinical evidence, professional standards of practice, the conceptual models used to think about psychiatric disorders, and the experience of taking medication are all shaped by the interests of pharmaceutical companies and by wider social and cultural attitudes toward medication. This meeting will bring together leading scholars from anthropology, sociology, history and health sciences to examine the cultural shaping and consequences of the use of psychiatric medication. Sessions will address: marketing and the political economy of psychopharmacology; the production of professional knowledge and the uses of medication; popular attitudes toward medication and phenomenological pharmacology.

The Institute will involve a two-day workshop for researchers limited to 40 participants, followed by a two-day conference open to clinicians, policy-makers and others.

Guest faculty: Kalman Applbaum, Françoise Baylis, Joel Braslow, Johanne Collin, Sylvaine de Plaen, Stefan Ecks, Jerry Floersch, Nathan Greenslit, David Healy, Sushrut Jadhav, Sumeet Jain, Annette Leibing, Jonathan Metzl, Michael J. Oldani

McGill faculty: Ellen Corin, Ian Gold, Danielle Groleau, Jaswant Guzder, Norman Hoffman, Laurence J. Kirmayer, Viviane Kovess, Amir Raz, Cécile Rousseau, Andrea Tone, Allan Young

Dates: Workshop: June 12 – 13, 2007 T, W 4 09h00-17h00 Conference: June 14 – 15, 2007 Th 09h00 – 21h00, F 4 09h00-17h00

The flyer and program for the 2007 ASI ( ASI 2007 Programme [.pdf] , ASI 2007 Flyer [.pdf] ) and the 2007 Summer Program ( brochure2007 [.pdf] ) in Social and Cultural Psychiatry are available for download in PDF format.

Location: Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry
4333 Cote Ste-Catherine Road, Montreal (Quebec)

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