MSc in Mental Health

Social and Transcultural Psychiatry

The Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry brings together a unique group of faculty and students dedicated to the study of social and cultural dimensions of mental health, global mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, the mental health of indigenous peoples, immigrant and refugee mental health, ethnopsychology and ethnopsychiatry, and the anthropology of psychiatry. MSc students in Mental Health associated with the Division conduct research that aligns with its academic foci and methodologies.

In addition to conducting research and completing a thesis, MSc students are required to complete three 3-credit graduate-level courses. The exact combination of coursework is determined by the student and their supervisor, but students pursuing research in social and transcultural psychiatry are encouraged to complete the graduate seminars in Cultural Psychiatry, Psychiatric Epidemiology, and Mixed-methods Research, which are offered through the Division’s Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry. Graduate-level courses offered in other departments can also be taken for credit.

Interested candidates should have undergraduate training in a discipline relevant to social and cultural psychiatry, basic knowledge of statistics, and demonstrated excellence in academic work and research ability. All other requirements for entry to the MSc in Mental Health also apply. Interested candidates must secure the supervision of a faculty member in addition to funding to be considered for admission. As of January 2016, newly admitted students must guarantee an annual stipend sourced from the thesis supervisor, external fellowships, and awards provided by the department. Admitted students may enter the program in either the fall or winter semester. Candidates for Master's degrees must complete their degree within 3 years of initial registration.

The MSc in Mental Health does not provide clinical training and does not contribute to qualification for clinical practice. The Department of Psychiatry also offers a PhD in Mental Health, which can also be taken with a focus in social and cultural psychiatry.

Prospective applicants should direct themselves to the Department of Psychiatry’s graduate application page and FAQ page for detailed information concerning admissions.

Protocol for contacting potential supervisors:

Before contacting faculty, please make sure to read all the information available on the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry page, the Department of Psychiatry page, and McGill’s Graduate Admissions page. If you would like to inquire with faculty in regards to their availability for research supervision, please address a concise email to the faculty member stating your academic background and research interests, and attach your CV. Please use the subject line “Prospective Graduate Student Seeking Supervision”.

General requirements for the program and administrative information can be obtained from:

Department of Psychiatry Graduate Studies website

Questions may be directed to:
Graduate Program Coordinator
Cindy Lui
Department of Psychiatry
1033 Pine Avenue West
room 104
Montreal, Quebec  H3A 1A1

Tel.: 514-398-4176
Fax: 514-398-4370
graduate.psychiatry [at]

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