Previous Advanced Study Institutes

● 2023 The Situated Brain: Culture, Context and Ecologies of Mind
● 2022 The Fragility of Truth:
Social Epistemology in a Time of Polarization and Pandemic
● 2021 Culture and Psychosis: New Insights and Challenges
● 2020 Culture and Psychosis: New Insights and Challenges (Due to public health restrictions, postponed to 2021)
● 2019 Cultural Poetics of Illness and Healing: Embodiment, Enactment and the Politics of Experience
● 2018 Challenging Migrant Detention: Human Rights, Advocacy and Mental Health
● 2017 Pluralism and Polarization: Cultural Dynamics of Extremism and Radicalization
● 2016  Psychiatry for a Small Planet: Ecosocial Approaches to a Global Mental Health
● 2015  The Arts in Cultural Psychiatry: Identity, Creativity and Transformation
● 2014  The Politics of Diversity: Pluralism, Multiculturalism and Mental Health
● 2013  Mindfulness in Cultural Context
● 2012  Global Mental Health: Bridging the Perspectives of Cultural Psychiatry and Public Health      
● 2011 Cultures of the Internet: Identity, Community and Mental Health
● 2010 Rethinking Cultural Competence from International Perspectives
● 2009 Child, Family, and Community Mental Health in Cultural Context
● 2008 Peace, Conflict, & Reconciliation: Contributions of Cultural Psychiatry
● 2007 Psychopharmacology in a Globalizing World
● 2006 Refugees and Forced Migration
● 2005 Stigma and the Dynamics of Social Integration
● 2004 Culture and Psychotherapy in a Creolizing World
● 2003 Models of Mental Health Services for Multicultural Societies
● 2002 Body, Memory, and Identity
● 2001  Models of Training in Culture and Mental Health
● 2000  The Mental Health of Indigenous Peoples
● 1999  The Politics of Trauma
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