What You Need to Know

Handbook on Student Rights and Resonsibilities

Charter of Students' Rights, Articles 1 and 3
 - Every student enjoys within the University all rights and freedoms recognized by law.

3 - Every student has a right to the safeguard of his or her dignity and a right to be protected by the University against vexatious conduct displayed by a representative of the University acting in an official capacity.

Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, Article 10
10 - No student shall on property owned or occupied by the University, or in a University context: 
(a) Assault another person, threaten another person or persons with bodily harm or damage to such person's property; or 
(b) Knowingly create a condition that unnecessarily endangers or threatens or undermines the health, safety, well-being, or dignity of another person or persons, threatens  to cause humiliation or threatens the damage or destruction of property.
(c) Harass, sexually or otherwise, another person or persons (see Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law for definition and procedures).

Policy on Hazing and Inappropriate Initiation Practices
McGill University is committed to an environment of respect and to a Charter of Students' Rights. The University insists that all students be welcomed to all activities by means of positive group- and teambuilding activities that respect the dignity, safety, and well-being of individuals, including their right to participate voluntarily without any pressure.


Who You Can Talk To

  • Your faculty's Associate Dean or Director (Student Affairs)
  • bianca.tetrault [at] mcgill.ca (Liaison Officer (Harm Reduction) )
  • Office of the Dean of Students

What Else You Can Do

If you encounter a problem, you may choose to

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