Freedom of Opinion, Expression and Peaceful Assembly

What You Need to Know

Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Charter of Students' Rights, Articles 25-26
- Every student enjoys within the University the freedoms of opinion, of expression and of peaceful assembly.

26 - Every group of students has a right to organize and to promote the interests of its members, provided that the purposes of such group are lawful. Every such group shall also have the right to publicize and hold meetings, to debate any matter and to engage in lawful demonstration.

Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
Articles 5-8

5 - Obstruction
No student shall, by action, threat, or otherwise, knowingly obstruct University activities. University activities include but are not limited to, teaching, research, studying, administration, public service, scheduled events and activities.

6 - Picketing and Demonstrations
No student shall, on University property, individually or with a group and in connection with a demonstration, including a rally or picketing:
Knowingly use words which threaten violence or bodily harm to any group or individual in a situation where there is clear and imminent danger of such violence or bodily harm, and whether or not the group or individual thus threatened knows of such threatening words; or
Knowingly use words in a situation of clear and imminent danger that incite others to behaviour that violates any article of this Section.

- Unauthorized Entry and/or Presence
No student shall knowingly enter or remain in any University premises:
(a) without right or authorization; or
(b) with intent to obstruct University activities; or
(c) with intent to damage, destroy or steal University property.

8 - Theft, Damage and Destruction of Property
(a) No student shall knowingly take, destroy or otherwise damage University property, nor shall any student knowingly take, destroy or otherwise damage any property not his or her own on University property.
(b) No student, in any manner whatsoever, shall knowingly deface the inside or outside of any building of the University, nor deface any statues or similar property of the University.

Who You Can Talk To

What Else Can You Do

If you encounter a problem, you may choose to contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

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