Association and Representation on University Bodies

What You Need to Know

Handbook on Student Rights and Resonsibilities

Charter of Students' Rights, Articles 24, 27-28

24 - Every student has a right to belong to any lawful association of his or her choice and shall not be subject to any prejudice by the University, by reason only that he or she belongs to such an association.

27 - All University bodies constituted to make decisions of policy in matters pertaining directly to students must provide for student membership.

28 - Recommendations for student membership shall be sought by the University from the appropriate student association where it exists. Refusal to accept a recommendation must not be based on arbitrary or unreasonable grounds.

Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU)

  • Every undergraduate registered in a program on the Downtown Campus at McGill is a member of the SSMU, which advocates for students' interests.

Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS)

  • The PGSS serves and represents McGill's graduate student and post-graduate fellow communities.

Macdonald Campus Students' Society (MCSS)

  • The MCSS represents the interests of all diploma, graduate and undergraduate students of the Macdonald Campus of McGill University.

McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES)

  • MACES works to promote student rights at McGill and advocates for adult education at the provincial, federal and international levels.

Who You Can Talk To

  • Your student society

What Else You Can Do

If you encounter a problem, you may choose to contact